How to Create and Post Advertising Ads on Instagram

In this guide, you will learn how to create and publish advertising ads on the Instagram platform professionally, efficiently, and profitable way.

Finally, it was time to share my impressions of advertising on Instagram. I have decided to create a guide with all the steps you have to do to create ads on Instagram. Through this guide, I will share how to create ads and stories on Instagram, some best practices and finally, my personal impressions about ad campaigns on Instagram.

Guide to Creating Ads on Instagram

1. Configure your accounts to be able to access advertising on Instagram

To advertise on Instagram, the first thing you will have to do is link your Instagram account with your Facebook fan page. For this step, do the following:

  • Enter your fan page
  • Go to settings
  • Select Instagram Ads and link your Instagram account
  • When your account is synchronized, it should appear like this:

2. Check that you have access to Instagram Ads through Power Editor or Ads Manager

All accounts have the Instagram Ads option activated. To confirm it, you just have to go to the location of your ads in your ad sets, and you will see that Instagram appears as one more place.

3. How to create ads on Instagram (step by step)

To create Instagram ads, you have to use the Power Editor, as I showed you before. Ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram in Power Editor are created as follows:

  • [You] select the option to create a new campaign and choose your goals for ads on Instagram: drive traffic to your website, conversions or video views
  • [You] define the name of your ad set (set of ads) and select the create button
  • [You] go to the ad sets section and choose the edit option. When this page opens, you will have to:
  • Define or change the name of your ad set
  • Confirm the location of your ads. This is where you select Instagram. Right now, Facebook will automatically mark it for you (as you can see in the image below).

How to create ads with on Instagram Stories

If you want to advertise in stories and boost your results, I share a complete guide to Instagram Ads Stories through which I show you step by step how you can create ads in a story format that reach thousands of people while you only pay pennies. Remember that you can also include web links in the ads with stories, which will help you a lot with your conversions.

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