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Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Business – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc – We develop our solutions, products, and vision for work using current artificial intelligence technologies. It allows us to differentiate ourselves and translate our ideas into our client’s projects:

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

We have algorithms developed to perform specific tasks that analyze company data to optimize Call Centers, financial transactions, or conversation analysis.

Machine Learning Solutions – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc

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Machine Learning For Companies

However, Machine Learning consists of developing processes that allow machines to learn by themselves from a set of data. That is, they help us find relationships and patterns that exist between them to make more precise decisions. Some examples in which we apply Machine learning is in:

Model predictions: Identifying new models, trends, and seasonality. We can anticipate future sales and demands, stock needs, and market trends.

Recommendations: We can generate recommendation engines that allow customizing customer offers based on their location, purchase history, etc., and relate them to other users with similar behaviors.

Detection of anomalies: To ensure the quality of products, improve the safety of processes, detect anomalous activities, etc.

Detection and prevention of fraud: In banking environments (cards, operations, etc.), insurance claims, blocking fraudulent calls and harmful content, etc.

Description: Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc

The critical ingredient is data. In reality, the origin and format of the information are not so relevant since machine learning can assimilate a wide range of data. They can remain in conventional relational databases or unstructured data (Big Data Analytics). Still, this one does not perceive them as data but as a vast list of practical examples. The main objective of machine learning is to address and solve practical problems that people and machines work hand in hand since they are capable of learning as a human would. Machine Learning allows devices to run tasks, both general and specific.

Machine Learning algorithms focus on predictive methods and are also used in classification/clustering and discovering patterns or anomalies. We use open source to perform our analyzes (Python or R), which reduces project costs.

What Do Machine Learning Techniques Contribute? – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc

So far, we have read part of the theory, but I imagine you are wondering; How can ML help me in my business? I see how my competitors take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and I realize I need to keep up, but I don’t know.

We explain clearly how you can use these techniques to improve your company’s performance and what steps you must follow to use them so that it is not traumatic.

– Possibility of integrating heterogeneous data sources.

– Extraction of implicit information, previously unknown.

– Discovery of unexpected patterns.

– Discovery of rules (regularities), restrictions, etc.

– Ability to generalize and specialize.

– Adaptation to changes in data sources.

Data Analysis for Business – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc

Data Analysis for Business - Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc

Learn to extract all the value in the data that your business generates. Use data science to make decisions efficiently in your company, applying analytical techniques to specific business problems.

Let’s start with the definition of what Data Science is, a term widely used in recent times, which we will try to explain clearly so that you understand its effectiveness. Data Science is the procedure of obtaining valuable information from data. It develops due to the need to work with big data sets or conventional structured data (files, databases, etc.).

The Data Scientist is a professional who knows Statistics, programming languages ​​, and business. For many machines and Machine Learning algorithms for companies that we can use, the result will not be as expected if there is no good Data Scientist. But let’s not worry about this, precisely we, because of the experience that supports us, we are specialists in it, so we will have no problem evaluating the possibilities that your data has and determining the possible objectives to remain achieved.

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