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Although currently, drones continue to have a more professional than jovial function, but there are more and more fans of flying these unmanned aerial vehicle systems to enjoy their leisure time, take pictures, or even compete.

The truth is that its popularity is increasing, and in the market, we can find drones of many sizes, with very different functionalities and weights.

For that reason, if you are annoying to find the best drone on the market, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for a drone that adapts to the use you want to give it and you want to see all the details, images, and reviews about it, we offer you complete reviews of the best in this type of device.

On this sheet, you will find a full list of the most valued drones of the year 2021 and more related articles so that you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs and tastes.

Current Legislation Regarding Drones

At the beginning of this year, the new European regulation (2020/1058) regulating the use of crewless spacecraft came into force, including drones used for photography and video and maintaining the premise that it is only possible to fly a drone within authorized and restriction-free zones. Still, it establishes a new category system and the requirements that are necessary to fly drones legally.

Therefore, we must be very attentive and know first-hand the possible restrictions or details of the legislation.

UAS Drone Pilot License

In 2021, the Official Drone Pilot License is applicable for Security Forces and Bodies (FCS); While, for the rest of the people, in the case of drones from 250 grams, the certificate that proves a minimum of knowledge is mandatory and that allows the flight in the different established categories.

According to this: to pilot drones in the open category of the new UAS Regulation, it is mandatory to pass the AESA exam, Level 1 or Level 2, depending on the risk of the operation.

And to fly in a specific category, the AESA Level 3 exam.

Necessary Requirements to Fly a Drone

Professional Use

To be able to make professional use of the drone in, you need:

  • AESA operational certification.
  • Drone pilot license (theoretical and practical exam)
  • Driver title suitable to handle the model in question.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Medical certificate.

Domestic use

To be able to make domestic use of the drone, you need:

  • Maintain a minimum flight distance from airports of 8 kilometers.
  • Respect the limitations of controlled airspaces
  • Do not exceed 120 meters in height at ground level.
  • Before the night, the flight was prohibited. However, the new legislation allows it, although the flight should not go above 50 meters in height at night.
  • Flights will take place within the visual range of the user.
  • For 250-gram drones, flights are allowed at the height of no more than 20 meters and a safe distance from the buildings.
  • Liability insurance is not mandatory for drones under 250 grams for recreational purposes.
  • Respect the areas of controlled or restricted flight.

Drones less than 250 gr

  • It is allowed to use the drone in urban areas, crowds of people, or buildings, but less than 20 meters high from the ground.
  • It is forbidden to fly in National Parks, wildlife conservation areas, Biosphere Reserves, and other protected natural spaces.
  • Flying is not allowed within an 8 km radius of any airport, airfield, or other controlled airspaces.
  • If the drone has a camera, the Data Protection Law and the Right to Honor and Privacy must comply.

Use Of Drones And Data Protection

The requirements that must be met concerning the Data Protection law are:

  • Inform before recording anyone and respect privacy.
  • Avoid sharing images that may have unfair or harmful consequences for people’s privacy.

Two Examples

The Best Cheap Drones

1.     Tomzon D25 RC, the camera drone for beginners,

This drone is perfect for getting started in the world of drones and comes with a built-in 4K camera with light positioning. You can take pictures by hand gestures. It has a route flight option, 3D flips, MV mode, and 2 Batteries. The flight time is approximately 24 minutes. Check all the functionalities and technical details here to see if it is the drone you would like to buy to start this fun hobby.

Information And Technical Data

  • 4K camera: 4K super HD camera with a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160P. Filter photos and music on videos to create your MV in the application.
  • Dual cameras, optical flow: The functions of the optical flow and altitude hold mode allow the flight to be more stable and prevent the drone from rocking when it is hovering in the air.
  • Taking photos with hand gesture: Use a hand gesture “Victory” sign to take a picture and face the palm of your hand or facing the front camera to record a video.
  • The application supports screen divisions and “picture in picture” modes.
  • Available: low and high speeds.
  • Trajectory flight mode: This allows the drone to follow the route that you draw on the map screen of the application.
  • 3D flip function: add more fun when flying.
  • Dual Batteries: With two batteries, it provides a total flight time of 24 minutes.

2.     Yuneec – Mantis Q, The Portable And Foldable Drone With High-End Features

This drone has a portable design. It comes equipped with a 4K video camera at 30 frames per second and intelligent flight functions. You can drive around a point of interest, return home automatically using GPS and GLONASS, and have voice commands. Its remote control is simple and has a smartphone dock. Check here all its technical details and decide if it is the drone you want to buy.

Information and technical data

  • Travel drone: foldable.
  • Flight time: up to 33 minutes.
  • Up to 72 km / h (in Sport mode)
  • Includes photography bag + 3 batteries.
  • Voice control.
  • Flight modes: Journey, Point of Interest, Return Home.
  • Visual tracking.
  • Connection with social networks.
  • GPS or indoor positioning.
  • Quiet and energy-efficient design.
  • Flight controller based on PX4.
  • Weight: 500 gr

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