What Are Some Fun Ways For Your Company to Advertise?

What Are Some Fun Ways For Your Company to Advertise? – It is no secret that competition in business today is cutthroat, and the balancing act between staying ahead of the curve and not going broke is constant. In order to stay profitable, businesses need to find ways to keep their revenues increasing without breaking the bank in marketing expenses.

If you have struggled with coming up with new ways to advertise your business without breaking the bank, you are not alone.

That’s why we’re here to give you some fresh ideas on how you can advertise your business without spending a fortune doing it. Read on for the most creative ways to advertise your business that won’t break the bank.

Host a Contest

Contests are a great way to build your brand, increase traffic and get people engaged with your business. While you can create a contest for free, there are some ways you can up the ante and make it even more effective.

For example, if you own a clothing store, you might consider partnering with an app like Shopify to host a photo contest where users (particularly teen and younger adults) can submit photos of themselves wearing your clothing and post the pictures to their social media channels.

This has multiple benefits. Hosting a contest can drive traffic back to your site and increase conversions while also helping you achieve higher ranks in search engines since contest pages are given special treatment in the algorithm that determines ranks.

Contests also offer an opportunity to collect email addresses and other valuable information from participants. This can be helpful when you’re trying to build a mailing list or you’re just trying to collect more information about your customers.

Run a Video Ad

Marketers will tell you that video advertisements are 35x more effective than text-based advertisements. Given that statistic, it makes sense that you should be spending more time creating videos for your business.

However, not all video ads are created equal. If you want to get the most out of an ad video, you need to make sure you’re doing it right.

Not all video production companies are created equal. If you don’t hire professionals who know what they’re doing, you may end up spending more than you need to on your video ads.

Advertise With Pedicabs

If you’re looking for an affordable way to make your advertising stand out, pedicab advertising may be the perfect choice. Pedicabs are streetcars that are powered by pedaling.

This makes them a great choice for advertising, as they are highly mobile and can be placed nearly anywhere. You can also choose where you want your ad to go—you can select a specific city, a specific neighborhood, or even a single building where you want your advertisement to go.

Produce a Co-Marketing Video

A co-marketing video is a great way to partner with another business to get your name out there. But you don’t want to just do a simple video with another company and call it a day. A co-marketing video needs to be well thought out and executed. To make the most out of a co-marketing video, you must first identify the right partners.

Once you’ve got a good idea of what type of video you should create, you need to decide how you want to distribute the video. You can do this on your own website, on YouTube or another video hosting site, or even on Facebook or Twitter.

Create a Giveaway Contest

If you want to drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales, putting together a giveaway contest may be the perfect solution. Giveaway contests are a great way to get people engaged with your business and drive traffic to your site.

There are a few ways you can host a giveaway contest. You can do it on your website, on social media, or on a platform that specializes in giveaways.

Use Influencer Marketing

If you want to increase your brand awareness, you should consider partnering with influencers. Influencers are people who have a large following on social media.

They have a wide reach, and their opinions are trusted by many. If you want to reach a lot of people with your products or services, influencer marketing may be right for you. This form of marketing is growing in popularity among businesses because it’s relatively inexpensive and highly effective.

Host a Party or Event for Advertising

Depending on what type of business you run, you may be able to host an event or party to advertise your brand and generate more revenue. You can host a party at a convention or something more casual like a happy hour.

If you prefer to try a more casual event, you might consider holding a happy hour at a sports bar or family-friendly restaurant. Your event should have some type of theme, and it should tie into your brand somehow. You can promote your event on social media, in person, and on your website.


If you want to stay ahead of the pack and stay profitable, you must find ways to stretch your marketing dollars as far as possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to advertise your business the fun way without breaking the bank. Try these creative advertising methods and see which ones work best for your brand.

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