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Little expand about absolutamente tudo. Brazilians know well because it organizes the online release of all content created by Organizations Globo. Grupo Globo had no competitors in the Brazilian media industry for approximately fifty years. Globo Organization, Latin America’s most prominent media group, is based in Brazil. Its website is located at Two of its businesses are among the top ones in Brazil’s media and television sector. is a television communication platform that aims to provide free television networking services to Brazilians. Viewers can interact with the entertainment industry through various programs through the company’s television communication platform.

Globo.Com’s Role In Media Business

Globo.Com's Role In Media Business

In addition, serves as a technology, strategic, and service provider for the organization’s other media businesses on the Internet. It is prominent in distributing high-volume web content and is responsible for the nation’s most extensive simultaneous viewership for streaming video.

Pay Television Shows: Production and licensing of pay-TV content are part of Globo’s pay-TV programming operations in Brazil. Globo’s main priorities are content development and supplying the pay-TV industry with top-notch programming. Through solid relationships with over 100 independent producers, Globo produces and licenses over 20 pay-TV channels, broadcasting over 15,000 hours of original content for its networks. Additionally, Globo provides content for its Globoplay Live channels, streaming platforms, and sports pay-per-view channels. Along with these joint ventures, Globo owns 50% of Telecine, 47.5% of NBCUniversal, and 50% of Canal Brazil, three pay-TV tracks.

Online Display Portfolio: has a wide range of digital content. It consists of webpages, applications, and services that facilitate greater dissemination of its content by making it accessible and observable across various devices. For instance, Globo has The most excellent place to find both domestic and foreign content is Globo’s digital portfolio, which includes websites like Cartola (a fantasy football game), for sports, G1 for news, GShow for entertainment, and Receitas for cooking and recipe content.

With 25 Million Unique Visitors Every Day – Absolutamente Tudo

With 25 Million Unique Visitors Every Day - absolutamente tudo

The website is among the biggest portals in Brazil, providing news, entertainment, and sports content.

The site’s primary function, search, affects each user’s experience. However, used a well-known search server before Elasticsearch, which presented some significant difficulties. software engineer Luiz Guilherme Pais dos Santos said, “We must move forward and try Elasticsearch.” “Managing our 100GB database is a major task despite Elasticsearch’s reputation for being highly adept at handling massive volumes of data. There must be no downtime for our users.”

Globo.Com Has Made Such CHANGES In HTTP Services – absolutamente tudo. chose HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) provided by NGINX instead of the RTMP solution with its previous media server due to its expanding viewership and the growing demand for video on mobile devices.

In addition to providing video support for iOS devices, HLS’s stateless HTTP delivery mechanism allowed to fully benefit from load balancing and take advantage of caching, which significantly positively impacted scalability and performance. The video-delivery architecture could also be monitored using NGINX and HTTP-based video delivery.

NGINX is used in’s HLS streaming architecture to convert raw video to HLS and then segment it for delivery. absolutamente tudo can implement a DVR-like feature thanks to segmentation, which was not possible with the previous media server. NGINX and Lua are combined with a Redis database to create dynamic playlists. It gives viewers of’s personalized video player complete control over their viewing experience by allowing them to rewatch specific segments, like a home-team goal, and skip through other parts of a match.


Organizations Globo, the largest media conglomerate in Latin America, has offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. absolutamente tudo is the company’s online division. It compiles the best vertical news (G1), sports (, video (GloboPlay), and celebrity (GShow) web portals in Brazil. In addition, the company provides technology and strategic support for Internet-related issues and acts as a service provider for all other media units within the organization. It is highly effective at large-scale web distribution and caters to the nation’s biggest concurrent video streaming audiences. To learn more, go to

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