Koodevide (TV series)

Koodevide (transl. Where the nest?) is an Indian Malayalam tv romantic drama mystery collection that premiered on four January 2021 and aired on Malayalam General Entertainment Channel Asianet and is also available on the digital platform Disney+ Hotstar. Movie Mill produces the show by Krishnan Sethukumar, then stars Bipin Jose, Anshitha, Krishna Kumar, and Sreedhanya as the lead. It is a professional remake of the Bengali collection Mohor.


Soorya, a talented and family-oriented girl, sets out to show her mettle and assist her own family after her father suffers in his business. Instead, she meets Rishikesh “Rishi,” a boastful misogynist.


Rishikesh, “Rishi,” is a contemporary-day misogynist who feels that ladies are not allowed to be impartial. The purpose of his situation is due to his mom unwillingly leaving him at a young age to attend to her aged dad and mom. Rishi became raised with the aid of his paternal aunt Rani, a cruel and foxy female who hates Rishi’s mom. At the same time, Soorya Kaimal is a decided and headstrong lady who needs to make a mark on society and feels that girls should be unbiased.

Soorya comes from a middle-elegance circle of relatives; her father, Shivaram, who was once a businessman, had gone bankrupt. Soorya has no preference to marry, as she wants to research and pursue better jobs so that she will be able to help her own family. Her mom, Devamma, and elder sister Arya help Soorya. Arya married a merciless guy named Mohan, who needed to inherit wealth from the Kaimal family. Nevertheless, her father wishes her to marry.

Shocked, Soorya escapes from the wedding hall and takes shelter in her trainer, Aditi’s residence. Aditi will become Soorya’s mentor. Aditi is none apart from Rishi’s mom, who left him early. She regrets her fault and wants to reconcile together with her son. Meanwhile, Rishi is engaged to a lovely and wealthy woman named Mithra. However, Mithra is off-guard about marrying and goes to the US to pursue better studies.

A goon named, Basavanna assaults Aditi, taking them to the medical institution. Soorya and Aditi’s estranged husband, Aditya, is very concerned about her situation. Aditya’s sister-in-law, Lakshmi, asks Rishi to meet a hospitalized Aditi. However, Rishi is unwilling as he hates Aditi for leaving him. Finally, however hesitant, Rishi encounters Aditi. It is shown that Rishi is not a horrific character; feeling sorry approximately his mom Rishi sees her.

Koodevide (TV series) plot

However, Rani, who learns of this, confronts Aditi. Rishi overhears their communique and all over again hates her. Recovered, Aditi managed to gain admission to Soorya in Adi Keshava university with the help of Aditya. Rishi bombards Soorya with questions; however, she wins the interview.

However, because the university begins, the scholars take immediate dislike closer to Soorya and mistreat her. Especially Neetu and Neema, who is Rishi’s spoilt cousin sisters. One day, while scripting a scholarship exam, Rani decides to devise against Soorya; she asks her nieces Neetu and Neema for assistance. Eventually, they falsely accuse Soorya of cheating. However, Rishi offers her an absolute risk. Soorya plans to leave the college, not able to bear the humiliation. Rishi convinces her now not to.

Soon, Rishi starts to experience jealous of the closeness between SP Sooraj and Soorya. Soon, Rishi falls for Soorya. He attempts to assist her every time; however, Soorya feels that Rishi is using her to advantage fame for the college. However, she too falls for Rishi. Unfortunately, Mithra makes a re-entry for disturbing Soorya and Rishi’s closeness.

Rishi is always hostile, closer to Mithra. Meanwhile, Shivaram lied to Soorya, Arya, Shekar, and Devamma that he’s running an excellent corporation as the assistant of its proprietor. However, Devamma and Arya discover that Shivaram turned into mendacity to them after Devamma finds a safety uniform in Shivaram’s cupboard. Shivaram divulges that he works as the security of the employer’s godown.

Arya is shattered, knowing the truth. Fortunately, Aditi calls Arya to ship her qualifications so that she can discover an activity. Successfully, Aditi consults her excellent friend, Ramadevi “Rama.” Rama is at the top of the equal corporation wherein Shivaram works. Shivaram absorbs that Soorya and Aditi are coming to his employer, fearing his reality could be discovered, and he hides from them. At the same time, Rama is inquisitive about Arya’s qualifications and consents to offer her a task.

koodevide 2

Koodevide (TV series) plots

However, matters flip bitter when Sabu, a goon, involves Soorya’s house simultaneously as they have been away. He collects Soorya and Aditi’s range. In the beyond, Sabu had tried to abduct Soorya; however, she was saved by Rishi. Sabu energies to Rishi’s house and manipulates Rani towards Rishi. Finally, Sabu manages to obtain Rishi’s quantity. Meanwhile, Shekar decides to promote his house to make both ends meet.

Meanwhile, Mithra is disillusioned in looking for an unexpected alternative to Rishi’s behavior. She tries excellently to win his heart; however, all in vain. Soon, Mithra, Rani, Anandan (Rani’s brother), and Kunjiraman “Kunji” (Rani’s husband) starts offering to evolve to suspect if Rishi is interested in Soorya. While Aditi and Soorya are concerned if Sabu could motivate issues for them and Rishi. Aditi associates Aditya and asks him to alert Rishi of the hassle.

Later, Devamma and Shivaram celebrate their wedding ceremony anniversary. This time, Mohan makes a re-access and acts as if he is a changed guy. He buys gifts for Devamma too Shivaram and steeply-priced garments for Arya so that Shekar can be jealous. Arya refuses to accept Mohan’s gift. Later, whilst Arya receives an activity, Mohan coerces her to come with him in the automobile so that he can drop her at the workplace.

Koodevide problems

Problems preserve arising while Rani and Sabu plot to break Soorya’s existence. They name upon Soorya’s cruel ex-fiancé to take her away when the time comes. They additionally plot to carry out Rishi and Mithra’s marriage without Rishi’s know-how, as Rishi does not want to wed Mithra. Rani and Kunji go to an astrologer to finalize Mithra and Rishi’s wedding. However, the astrologer objects such as Rishi and Mithra’s kundlis do not fit.

One day Soorya visits Sabu’s grandmother at Sabu’s request, but he tries to abduct Soorya and lock her up in a room. Rishi receives to understand approximately Soorya’s visit and rescues her from Sabu and the gang; sooner or later, they display their feelings for each other and fall in love in the rain. Meanwhile, Mohanan and the residence owner enter Shekaran’s house and attempt to annoy Arya; however, Shekaran saves Arya besides fatally injures Mohanan, and they cross from this residence.

Arya and Shekar get matrimonial secretly. On Aditi’s advice, Rishi and Soorya take housing in Aditi’s ancestral residence, Aalanchery. There, they are warmly welcomed with the aid of Aditi’s uncle, who is unaware that Rishi is Aditi’s son. However, another problem starts when Aditi’s ruthless cousin, Jagannathan “Jagan,” comes. Rani attempts many ways to convey Rishi’s lower back domestic, and Mithra vows to take revenge on Soorya for spoiling her lifestyle, and she or he decides to act like a good man or woman.

Rani and Jagan join hands to deliver rishi’s returned domestic He tries to problem Soorya and Rishi. Aditi’s uncle exhibits approximately how many hardships Aditi confronted in her life because of Jagan and Rani. He also mentions that Rani had conspired with Aditi to take Rishi away from her. Rishi realizes approximately how lots Aditi cherished him. Rishi calls Aditi to ask her over Aalanchery to carry out her father’s Sraddha. After Aditi’s arrival, Rishi grows more fantastic to her and realizes her fee. One day, as Jagan creates a tumult to inherit Aalanchery, Rishi stands up to him and helps Aditi.

Koodevide first spell

For the first spell, he addresses Aditi as his mom in public. Aditi is plenty delighted. As they may be approximately to go back, an unknown vehicle coincides with them planning to utilize Jagan. Meanwhile, Devamma and Shivarama Kaimal learn about mohanan’s intentions, and furious Kaimal berserk and thrashes mohanan in the clinic.

Meanwhile, Rishi and soorya return to university; however, Mithra, Rani, Neethu, and Hima plan to spoil soorya’s lifestyle. The college announces the exam, and Mithra tries to lessen Soorya’s rating and provide her low marks. Soorya believes she has got correct marks and warns the college workforce that she will be able to protest if her paper isn’t re-evaluated

Trouble brews up for soorya and Rishi when Jagan threatens Soorya and her dad and mom, and Rani forbids Soorya after meeting Adithi if she desires to marry Rishi. Jagan realizes that Rani cheated on her. Rani then plans to complete soorya at the side of Neethu and Hima by organizing a journey together with soorya, Rishi, and Mithra to a dangerous place called Thevermala, a dangerous place.

So they start on the journey and reach the area and begin exploring. Still, a stranger hired utilizing Rani, and Jagan follows them. Besides, Rishi notices the outsider and tries to confront him Neethu watches this. So she decides to finish the undertaking by pushing soorya down utilizing organizing selfies.

But regrettably, Mithra receives driven with the aid of Neethu, and Soorya tries to keep her. Still, Mithra loses grip and falls, placing absolutely everyone bowled over an unhappy kingdom together with Soorya Rishi and Mithra’s dad and mom. They attain her to the health facility, and the police arrive to investigate the incident. However, neither offer false testimony towards Soorya on the recommendation of Rani. Rishi realizes this and tries to assist Soorya by escaping her with Adithi; however, Soorya gets arrested.

These cops working beneath rani and Jagan tried to annoy Soorya; however, Rishi protects her by sitting for her entire night time at the police station. Sp Sooraj keeps them and blows out at the officials. Then Soorya faces backlash from instructors by protesting that they will keep teaching if Soorya is suspended, ensuing in soorya’s suspension. Will Soorya’s innocence be proved?


Genre Drama Romance Thriller
Screenplay by GS Anil  Saseendran Vadakara  Manoj Ramachandran
Story by Leena Gangopadhyay
Directed by SS Lal
Creative director R. Sugathan
Presented by Movie Mill
Theme music composer Jai
Opening theme “Neelavaanil Alayunn..” Sung by Ranjin Raj and Neenu Thomas
Composers Music: Ranjin Raj   Lyrics: BK Harinarayanan
Country of origin India
Original language Malayalam
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 420+



Producer Krishnan Sethukumar
Cinematography Rajeev Mankompu   Manoj Kumar
Editor Vigil
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 22 minutes (approx.)
Production     Company Rajaputhra Visual Media
Distributor Star India



Original network Asianet
Picture format 576i HDTV 1080i
Original release 4 January 2021 – present


Language Title Original release Network(s) Last aired Notes
Bengali Seal 28 October 2019 Star Jalsha 3 April 2022 Original
Kannada Sarasu 11 November 2020 Star Suvarna 28 August 2021  



Telugu Guppedantha Manasu 7 December 2020 Star Maa Ongoing
Hindi Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 21 December 2020 StarPlus 24 July 2021
Malayalam Koodevide 4 January 2021 Asianet  



Tamil Kaatrukkenna Veli 18 January 2021 Star Vijay
Marathi Swabhiman – Shodh Astitvacha 22 February 2021 Star Pravah

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