What are the Purposes of the Marketing Department?

Companies in the tertiary sector that care about their customers look for a way to solve their problems or needs in a satisfactory way. Therefore, companies must assess the environment before designing and Advantages of using marketing plan template the product or service, and then find ways and means to attract customers. Marketing Department. That is to say, Digital marketing is the strategy to make your products or service successful.

This is only possible by focusing the functions of the marketing team, which is responsible for the development of sales strategies that help companies to position themselves in a profitable place in the market, making themselves known, improving the offer, increasing sales and profits. , optimize resources and, above all, make customers loyal to the product or service.

The Importance of the Marketing Department

Imagine what a company would be like without a team in charge of satisfying the requirements and needs of the client. Obtaining profits would certainly not be the same. For this reason, the marketing or marketing department has the task of communicating the value of a product, service or brand to a certain segment of the public to direct the fulfillment of a final objective: that of promoting or selling that product, service or brand.

Today, that business that has a marketing department (either internally or externally) has the possibility of innovating. You will get the benefit of creating new names and trademarks, as well as planning new product or service presentations.

This department is the only one capable of gathering data, factors and facts that influence the market to create what the consumer needs with research.

1. Market and Competition Research

The first investigation consists of gathering the necessary information about the market regarding the product. The distribution and the means of communication that will be used for its promotion. The needs of consumers are analyzed, such as their preferences, tastes, desires, habits and customs. It is in this phase that marketing experiments are developed and carried out, such as market studies with instruments to probe the needs of consumers, or create new consumer needs.

The second investigation will be to know what a product is for or how a service works. What are its areas of opportunity, what promotions it offers when acquiring it, and for how long.

2. Planning and Development of Marketing Strategies

Professionals in the area must carry out marketing planning that consists of developing or formulating strategies that allow achieving the objectives proposed by the company.

During development, it will be necessary to have control over the activities so that they are implemented as specified in the plans and in the indicated times; either in the short, medium and long term.

3. Sales Promotion

Inform consumers about the company’s products or services, encouraging them to purchase them. It can be done using all or any of the following methods: by digital advertising, physical form advertisements. Personal sale or special promotions in certain places or media.

4. Communication

The last function, but just as important, has to do with the dissemination of the sales promotion that involves the communication of the target audience and customers. Establishing communication with prospective clients through the means of communication that are most effective for this purpose is of greater importance; being congruent with the characteristics of the products or services offered and with the values ​​of the brand.

The marketing professional will find the means and, mainly.

5. Enable the Smarketing Process

At HubSpot we have been implementing and improving a smarketing process which has helped us raise the level of the relationship between the marketing and sales departments. Since companies that have implemented this strategy manage to close  67% more deals and reach up to 209% higher revenues , it was worth a try. But what is the role of the marketing department in all this? Let’s see:

1. Captivate the Audience

The main role of the marketing team within the smarketing processes is to attract and captivate. Although you will always seek to attract more people, you should not make random efforts, but strategic ones to reach the audience that your brand wants to fall in love with.

Thus, the marketing team seeks visibility against the competition and their potential buyers.

2. Boost Interactions

The marketing team has to define and create, together with the sales team, the buyer person. Which will be essential to know who they want to attract.

The marketing department creates content specifically focused on a community and speaks to it in such a way that the audience connects with the brand. Encourage interaction to move the people who make up your audience. It also multiplies digital channels. Giving you more points to attract potential customers, which is an essential task to help the sales team.

3. Communicate all the Time

The marketing team maintains communication all the time with users and their audience (visitors, leads, prospects and customers).

Create content, plan and carry out different strategies; nourishes each digital environment with the message of the brand and with the materials that will lead to converting visitors into customers.

Thus, it is vital that there is a two-way communication to know who you want to reach and where. Tracing the buyer’s journey.

4. Guide the Leads

All content and marketing efforts are intended to communicate and, as a consequence, to attract. Of course.

In this role. The marketing department tends to provide value to leads and generate solutions that ultimately translate into sales pitches.

5. Continue to Amplify Opportunities

Since the marketing department always tends to make the most of all its digital efforts through all the channels where it operates: social networks, digital guidelines, SEO, among others. By creating more and more opportunities by optimizing different strategies digitally. The process becomes similar to a relay race in which the marketing team passes the baton to the sales area.

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