MBA in Operations

A degree MBA enables you to choose from many subjects to major in. Operations is one of them. An MBA in Operations opens up a number of career prospects for you in your field. It gives you the opportunity to explore a few career paths exclusive only to people who hold an MBA in Operations.

What is Operations? What is Operation Management?

Operations understand what to produce in order to provide value goods or services to their customers. Operations work in converting the company’s resources into the end goods or services. A customer requires 4 things – good pricing, good quality, good quantity and correct timing – to define customer satisfaction.

Every organization’s success depends on its Operations. Managing these functions is critical in setting an organization’s direction. As a result, operations management is the administration of systems or processes that produce goods or services as efficiently as possible in order to maximize an organization’s profit.

Scope in Operation Management

  • Recognition of the requirement of an industry: MBA in Operations Management students will be industry-ready and prepared to handle interdepartmental initiatives. It will inform them of what companies are looking for as well as what they have. It will assist them in becoming a long-term asset to the company and in meeting these corporate house objectives.
  • High demand in almost every industry: In India and globally, Operations Management is a rapidly increasing professional opportunity. It would be a mistake to dismiss the importance of operation management in recent years, as it has evolved into a manufacturingandlogisticstool.
  • Extensive knowledge gain: It allows students to learn how to address real-world industry problems by applying their in-depth knowledge and abilities gained while they pursue an MBA in Operations Management. Process analysis, business process management, quality analysis, and vendor management are all abilities that improve overall production and supply chain management operations.

Career opportunities

A number of job titles have a specific requirement of an MBA Operations graduate. Given below is a list of some of the most lucrative titles available to MBA Operations graduates.

  • Operations Executive
  • Area Operations Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • General Operations Manager
  • Manufacturing Consulting Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • OperationalResearchAnalyst

There was a point of time when an MBA with a specialization in Operations did not hold much value in the job market. But cut forward to today, MBA in Operations is one of the most coveted degrees with enormous career scope and scalability.

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