The Importance Of Mobile Apps In Companies

Mobile Apps have positioned themselves as one of the most effective tools for companies in the last decade, especially in electronic commerce. And it is not for less, since applications enable users’ lives, indorse interconnectivity and improve the knowledge in the gaining of products and services.

According to a study approved by Flurry Analytics, the average user spends around five times a day on their phone, and more than half of this time is spent on applications. In 2017, app revenue generated a total of $ 76 billion.

Ultimately, the use of applications forever changed the dynamics of the market. Therefore, applying these systems in business models is a fundamental pillar for the growth of any startup.

The Importance Of Apps Today

Mobile applications are why users spend more and more time on their cell phones as they simplify many processes of daily life, such as shopping, communication, and entertainment. Implementing mobile apps is a powerful strategy for innovating UX, improving the buyer journey, and maintaining brand loyalty and positioning.

Benefits of mobile applications


The startups need solid sales to plan to enable business development and economic sustainability. In this sense, the rank of apps in companies lies in their versatility to generate income and optimize purchasing. You can generate revenue through advertising, regular or one-time subscriptions, premium services, and downloads with a mobile application. mobile apps

Likewise, various digital methods can be offered to the user to make the purchase quickly, safely, and efficiently. This encourages customer return and a good sales flow.

Better Positioning

Positioning is an essential factor in promoting young companies. The applications make it possible to process the presence of startups with two tactics.

  • Always be present and available on the user’s phone without forcing them to enter the web or third-party servers
  • Gain prominence in other corners of the Internet with a broad audience, such as B. Google Play and iTunes Stores.

Innovation and News

Innovation and News Mobile Apps

All profitable businesses have one thing in common: They orient themselves towards technological innovations and keep pace with market tendencies. In a world where the user demands nearness, simplicity, and hyper connectivity.

Apps can meet the needs of today’s customers in any niche market. Likewise, they are programs that are so versatile that they enable companies to develop disruptive ways to present their services to the public. This means that the scalable models of startups can remain valid in the long term.

Personalization Mobile Apps

The importance of apps to other aspects of the user experience has already been mentione, but personalization is an important feature. The applications give the customer the impression that the service is tailored to them, promoting ID with the brand. In this way, corporations offer more humanized services and can guide the user by hand throughout the buying process. This makes it easier to transact or explore the product in tight language and with immediate action.

Differential Benefit Mobile Apps

Despite the numbers that show the potential of these programs, many companies are hesitant to implement them in their commercial models.

Either because they do not know the scope of the apps or out of fear of disruptive changes.

In this tirade, industries that dare to experiment with new technologies take the lead in the market manage to get a differential advantage compared to businesses with old-style models, and locate themselves in the minds of a new generation of consumers, the millennials.

Better Customer Service System

Apps also optimize customer service systems. Applications can mix AI technology to provide immediate and personalized responses and integrate with Customer Relationship Management programs and omni channel systems.

Extensive user knowledge Mobile Apps

Understanding consumer behavior and needs is an essential task for new business growth. Mobile applications generate advantages in the user experience and provide startups with up-to-date data on the movements and features of customers. mobile apps

With this information, you can improve products and services, assess their quality, and make more precise decisions about the company’s direction.

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