Why Are Online Streaming Platforms So Expensive: Answer

Once upon a time, if we wanted to see a movie, we had to go to a theatre or a video store.

Now, we have access to a massive library of cinema and television, with the ability to view, rent, or buy a large percentage of movies online.

This streaming surge has sparked an ongoing debate over the function of physical media in the digital age.

You’d think that a streaming title would always be cheaper than its DVD or Blu-Ray version, but that doesn’t appear to be the occasion. In fact, streaming has become more expensive over the years, and they are still on the rise.

Online streaming is not the same as torrenting. While pirate bay, one of the most popular torrent sites, lets you browse millions of movies free of cost, streaming comes with a hefty price tag. To know more about the pirate bay, click here.

What Is Online Streaming?

Streaming refers to any broadcasting material – live or recorded – sent through the internet to computers & mobile devices and played back in real-time.

Streaming material includes podcast, webcasts, movies, TV series, & music videos. Music, video, & other forms of media assets are pre-arranged & sent in successive packets of data so that they may be streamed instantly.

In addition, unlike traditional downloads, which are retained on your device, streaming media files are instantly removed once they are have fun.

To stream, all you want is a dependable & fast high-speed internet connection, access to or a membership to a stream service or app, and a suitable device.

The Most Popular Streaming Platforms

Netflix, YouTube TV, and many others remain some of the finest and most popular streaming services with mobile applications. The expanding number of streaming applications that will offer a plethora of fresh material is even more interesting.

Let’s find out the most popular streaming platforms here:

1: Netflix

Netflix started out withinside the late ‘90s with DVDs-by-mail and is now a family name for online streaming.

Netflix keeps supplying with low-price month-to-month subscriptions and several content materials.

Individual bills start at $8.99, consistent with the month, and grow to $17.99 compatible with bills with as many as 5 profiles and 4 simultaneous screens.

2: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video ties at No. 2 in our score and is owned with the aid of the online store Amazon.

Due to the popularity of Amazon, prime has easily become our choice for the Best Value Streaming Service.

If you don’t take Prime, you can subscribe to it as it costs $8.99 for a month of fundamental subscription.

3: Disney+

While Disney released its carrier in 2019 and continues to be pretty new to the streaming space, it now boasts more significant than one hundred million subscribers.

Subscriptions start at $7.99 in keeping with the month and consist of seven profiles and streams on as many as 4 displays at an equal time.

Disney is the maximum family-pleasant streaming carrier in our rating.

Why Are Online Streaming Platforms So Expensive?

The pandemic economy has also established a good precedent for the online streaming sector. When movie theatres closed for good in the spring of 2020, studios were forced to make extraordinary commercial decisions.

Universal was among the first to make a significant move, releasing “Trolls: World Tour” solely on OTT platforms and immediately earning $100 million in rental fees.

The $19.99 charge for a digital copy of “Trolls: World Tour” did not provide viewers with their own digital copy to retain, but rather a 48-hour watching window. It increased the popularity of online streaming, and they began growing their subscription prices.

Long before the global pandemic economy of 2020, we saw a tendency toward immediate satisfaction, inspired by on-demand streaming services like Netflix. COVID-19 has only accelerated this trend since individuals now have a compelling motive to seek at-home entertainment.

As demand for digital movies grows, online streaming platforms increase their prices. With the pandemic restrictions in place, people have nowhere to go for entertainment other than these streaming sites, which keeps the streaming platforms in the business.


While considering the benefits and drawbacks of our personal media collections and discussing picture quality and durability, one issue sometimes goes unnoticed: price.

This is why, today, we have talked about how the online streaming sites are increasing their price and how they still manage to be so popular.

If you want to know more about them, ask us in the comment box below.

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