How To Fix [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a] Error?


Microsoft Outlook is perhaps one of the maximum used email clients globally, also known as Hotmail. Due to its smooth running and service, it has very stable service. Microsoft Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office suite. However, sometimes you have trouble using Microsoft Outlook regardless of its better service. Among these errors, we are going to discuss the pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a error today.

One of these problematic errors in the common error [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a]. Have you ever wondered what this error is and how to fix it? In this blog, we will discuss and fix the bug.

The error code pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a usually bothers the user while sending emails. The bug could also prevent the user from receiving long-term emails, which disrupts the flow of emails in Microsoft Outlook.

What Is The Error [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a]?

What Is The Error [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a]?

In other words, the pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a error can be defined as the “Failed to connect to server” error. The error usually occurs due to a conflict with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server that your software incorrectly set during installation. The issue prevents the user from sending messages to other accounts but not receiving email or viewing the email in their mailbox.

[pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a] Solve the error code

[pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a] Solve the error code

Follow the below step-by-step guide to solve the error code [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a]. Solve the error code.

1) Install Outlook once over.

2) Restart your PC or Laptop.

3) Now, update Outlook file.

4) Download latest version of the Outlook to fix the problem

5) Clean the cache.

6) Delete the temporary files.

Reasons for Code Errors [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a]:

There are many reasons for the error code, and various people have come across it while explaining theories about its occurrence. The code error is due to a technical error either on the user or the Microsoft Outlook server. Below are some of the possible common causes described by experts:

  • The main reason is to use multiple accounts on your computer or Outlook application without clearing the cache first.
  • Another reason could be that the Outlook app has not remained updated for a long time. However, it is more common in older versions than in newer versions.
  • You may also encounter a problem while installing the Microsoft application on your computer. There may be a problem with the installation.
  • According to some experts, a dispute with other software preinstalled on your Outlook application device is not the cause of the error.

How do I Fix [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a] Code Errors?

However, there are many ways to fix the [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a] error and use the application without issue. Here are the possible methods to resolve the error:

Method 1- Check Your Microsoft Outlook Settings-

Since the error code is from an incorrect installation setup, you will first need to find your Outlook settings to fix it.

  • Open Outlook
  • Go to the Tools menu and click on Accounts
  • If you have many Outlook accounts, select the one showing this error and choose Properties
  • Check that it remains configured according to the mail server by checking its ID
  • Click on More settings and select the Outgoing mail server tab and make sure that the outgoing mail server authentication is enabled
  • In the Advanced tab, make sure the SMTP and POP settings are similar to those of the hosting provider
  • Now save the settings by clicking OK.

Method 2- Find Duplicate Accounts pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a

If you have more than one Outlook account, your second account might be showing this error. So you have to find it and fix it.

  • Start Outlook
  • Go to account configuration
  • Open the Mailing tab
  • Keep an eye on your email list and check for duplicate accounts if you have any
  • Remove the second accounts by clicking Remove.

Method 3- Repair Windows Repair Tool

Windows has a built-in reporting application that you can use to diagnose and correct errors and errors using Microsoft applications and programs.

  • Open the control panel
  • Choose programs and attributes
  • Find Microsoft Outlook in the list of programs
  • Click Modify then Repair
  • See the wizard in the next window to have the repair tool fix the error automatically.

Method 4- Change The Server Port Number pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a

You can also correct the error by manually changing the server port number.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Go to File and Account in Settings
  • Select the email that is causing the problem
  • In the main window, click on More settings, then on Internet mail settings
  • Go to the Advanced tab and change the SMTP port number from 465 to 587
  • Save the changes by clicking OK.

Method 5- Uninstall and Reinstall The Microsoft Outlook Application

  • Open the control panel
  • Go to Programs and Features
  • Select Microsoft Office or Outlook from the list and click Uninstall
  • A new window will open, so follow the instructions to uninstall the app
  • After the program is uninstalled, reinstall Microsoft Outlook and Office.

Conclusion: pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a

The above discussions are some of the best ways to resolve [pii_email_e1aa8f4deb45ecd93b2a] error code in Microsoft Outlook. However, this is a small problem that can be quickly fixed and fixed by following the instructions above.

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