When and how to use Discounts and Promotions?

In my preceding article on Promotions I explained the importance of knowing how to use discounts and promotions properly so as not to turn our customers into a kind of zombies.

In this object I will talk about how we should really take advantage of these types of tools to obtain a benefit not only for the client, but also for our company.

What Is A Discount Or A Promotion?

Don’t worry, I won’t go into Wikipedia-style meanings now that you know what it means.

A discount is a price reduction and an action is an action with which your customer benefits or can buy something from you (although there does not always have to be an action through the purchase)

In summary, a raise or a discount are instruments designed to inspire the acquisition of a product or service, also for a discount or to receive some type of bonus.

Now there is a secret detail.

They help create incentives to buy a product or service, but they don’t necessarily create customers. You really do get a buyer.

And here’s the catch.

Many run promotions or discounts in search of customers when this type of instrument is more geared towards generating sales (buyers).

But I Don’t Want Purchasers, I Want Customers

That’s right, that’s what every company wants, and it’s perfect.

Then you need to understand that using these tools can really help you attract customers as long as you use and combine them properly.

Then What Are The Raises And Discounts For?

Raises And Discounts For Promotions

These type of tools are known as mass recruiting tools and, as their concept suggests, are used to attract a good number of people.

Now that these people are becoming customers, it’s up to you.

The advantage of mass recruiting tools is that the scope of application may be larger than selective recruiting tools, but, on the contrary, loyalty becomes more complicated.

Such instruments serve to generate income in the short term, but do not solve the problems of the company.

And that’s what I mean, they are a risk.

Many businesses use them to fight their financial health, generate income, hold out for a while, and repeat the process again. All so as not to learn how to retain customers who come across this tool.

In short, the company is doing promotions and discounts again after a short time, creating more hordes of promo addicts.

And it determination go on like this if you don’t learn how to be good at your marketing and create advertising addicts until they end up eating you up.

What Is The Biggest Mistake Of Raises And Discounts?

The mistake is that there is often no customer loyalty or loyalty.

For example, I have participated in or used a company’s promotions or discounts numerous times.

If you are attracting a large number of customers using this strategy, the goal should really be not just to increase sales or purchases, but to retain a large percentage of the buyers that have come and turn them into future customers.

There is nothing strategic about 10,000 people coming to a company and never going back. You should then “keep” a percentage of it.

And here is the secret.

The Retention Of The Buyers

While a promotion or discount helps make sales, it is the customers, not the buyers, that really keep a business going.

For this reason, a good mass recruiting campaign (discounts, sales, promotions, etc.) should aim to retain a percentage of all the people who go to your company.

It’s a priority that you somehow get the customer’s first and last name, email address, phone number, birthday, and even address.



The possible customer has already come, bought and left. That’s all?

Of course not, now is the time to use the information he gave you to keep him attracted rather than necessarily expecting him to come back at the next promotion or discount.

And that’s exactly what 90% of companies forget.

So when they see that people are not coming, income starts to drop. Again they start a promotion or discount and again they forget to keep it.

How Can I Retain People?

It’s easy to get your data.

Once you have your data, you can implement the customer loyalty and loyalty strategy that needs to be developed before any promotions or discounts are introduced.

For example, if the people who bought you really bought a very new product, you might be faced with early adopters, people who like that kind of thing before everyone else.

From now on you should send a bulk email to all users who have this profile every time something new comes up so that they are happy to find out and possibly go shopping.

See. It wasn’t necessary to run a promotion or discount again for them to come back.

Another example?

If it’s your birthday, you can do something special there. For example, give him a discount, but because it’s his birthday and wherever you want.

You could even give him a shopping voucher or a good as a present.

It is important that you are already in contact and can start to build loyalty. You didn’t let it slip away.

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