Rick And Morty 123movies – Rick and Morty: Season 5 Episode 6 – 123Movies

[Rick And Morty 123movies] – Rick and Morty: Season 5 Episode 6 – 123Movies

Rick And Morty (2013) Download and watch full online free on 123movies

[Rick and Morty] is an American adult sci-fi animated sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network’s late-night program block Adult Swim. The series shows the misadventures of the cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his warm-hearted but restless grandson Morty Smith. They split their time between domestic life and interdimensional adventures.Rick And Morty (2013) Download and watch full online free on 123movies

About the Movie


  • Animated sitcom
  • Science fiction
  • Black comedy
  • Adventure

Created by: Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon

Voices of:

  • Justin Roiland
  • Chris Parnell
  • Spencer Grammer
  • Sarah Chalke

Composer: Ryan Elder

Country of origin: United States

No. of seasons: 5

No. of episodes: 51 (list of episodes)

How to Download and Watch Rick And Morty 123movies

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More About Rick And Morty 123movies

More About Rick And Morty 123movies

The show rotates around the adventures of the Smith family, made up of parents Jerry and Beth, their children Summer and Morty, and Beth’s guest father, Rick Sanchez. According to Justin Roiland, the family lives outside Seattle, Washington. However, the adventures of Rick and Morty take place through an infinite number of realities, with the characters traveling through portals and Rick’s flying car to other planets and dimensions.

Rick is an eccentric, alcohol-addicted mad scientist who eschews many standard conventions like school, marriage, love, and family. He often experiences adventures with his 14-year-old grandson Morty, a kind-hearted but slightly desperate boy whose naive but well-founded moral compass is a counterpoint to Rick’s Machiavellian ego.


Similarly, Morty’s 17-year-old sister is Summer. Although, She is a more conventional teenager who cares about advancing her status among her peers and sometimes follows Rick and Morty on their adventures. But,  Beth, the children’s mother, is a generally level-headed person and an assertive household chap but is well aware of her professional role as an equine surgeon. Also, She is unhappy with her marriage to Jerry, an insecure and simple-minded person who disapproves of Rick’s influence over her family.


Although, Different versions of the characters inhabit different dimensions throughout the show’s multiverse, and their traits can vary from reality to reality. The show’s original Rick recognizes himself as “Rick Sanchez from Earth Dimension C-137” about his original universe, but this does not necessarily apply to every other member of the Smith family. For example, in the first season episode “Rick Potion # 9”, after turning the entire world population into monsters, Rick and Morty move into another dimension, leaving Summer, Beth, and Jerry behind.


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