The Influence Of Social Networks In Everyday Life

Social Networks In Everyday Life

Much of the day, we use the cell phone or computer to talk through networks, and even when we put them aside, we are aware of the call, the messages, and the multiple applications they have. For studies, this leads to addictive behavior.

Development Of Technologies

Although, talking about the development of technologies is a subject anchored in our daily lives. For example, many mundane aspects of human lives can be impacted by their online presence. Social media impacts home insurance, job applications, and social lives.” after “Various studies analyze the positive and negative repercussions that the use and abuse of new technologies produce today. Thanks to these, today, we have become familiar with social networks and the Internet, using terms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, or Skype.

Although, Today’s technologies disseminate global information that changes and influences people’s public and private lives. All of them are associated with the widespread use of increasingly sophisticated computers, tablets, and mobile phones. These allow instantaneous interpersonal communications, making them effective in the same way as if the interlocutors were together, even if they are thousands of kilometers apart. They provide outstanding knowledge and information to people and enable greater well-being and progress in society.


Whereas, They allow communication to take place instantly, without being conditioned by time and geographic distances. All over the world, people communicate through networks and computer and technological equipment that enable universal access to information and the development of collaboration and relationships between people and organizations around the world.

Although Thanks to the Internet, they manage a multitude of information. They communicate flexibly and straightforwardly, without requiring that we move from where we are or depend on the weather to get a response or broadcast the news.

Social Network

Social networks produce that a diversity of social relationships stay realized worldwide, which would not otherwise occur. Communication established by social networks and the Internet erases the physical and actual distance between people and personal face-to-face interaction. A simple call via Facebook or Twitter allows hundreds or thousands of people to meet without seeing each other personally.

Otherwise, the use so common today of technologies and social networks also has its negative side, since it generates an excessive use of them. Today we spend much of the day using the cell phone or computer to talk through networks and, even when we put them aside, we wait for the call, the messages, and the myriad applications that come with it. ‘they have.

Excessive use of networks generates the addictive need to be continually active within them, which manifests constant anxiety while waiting for something exciting to happen and disconnected.

Social Networks In Everyday Life

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