The Best Podcasts for Gamers

 Video games have touched the hearts and minds of everyone in some capacity. However, nowadays it’s almost impossible to keep up with the very latest news in the industry. So how can you stay informed? Well just as video games have risen in popularity so have podcasts – and the number of podcasts for gamers has too. Whether you’re a console gamer or if playing on a gaming PC is more your thing, these shows are great for keeping you in the loop and entertained. 

With so many now on air, it can be difficult to find the right podcast to listen to. So with that in mind, in no particular order, here are some of the best podcasts for gamers. 

  Game Scoop!

 Even the most casual of gamers will have heard of IGN. The video games media giant has been on the scene since 1996 and operates across a number of online platforms. It also publishes a number of different podcasts like ‘Podcast Beyond’, ‘Podcast Unlocked’ and ‘Nintendo Voice Chat’ – all console-specific shows for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. 

However, it’s ‘Game Scoop!’ which will appeal to a wider audience. With a range of news and topics discussed, it’s the perfect podcast for gamers looking to stay in touch with trends at the forefront of the video game industry. 

Each episode ends with Game Scoop’s Video Game 20 Questions, where participants have 20 “yes” or “no” questions to help narrow down a fan’s chosen video game. They have to guess the game within the 20 questions. With only one guess allowed, it makes for very funny listening. 

 What’s Good Games

The presenters of ‘What’s Good Games’ pride themselves on having over 30 years of video game experience. With this, they provide some of the most balanced commentary and analysis of the industry today while maintaining a fun, upbeat and positive vibe. Presenters Andrea, Brittney and Kristine regularly discuss their listeners’ most burning questions to create a very inclusive conversation.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about What’s Good Games is that it brings in some of video games media’s most talented women. In a rather male-dominated industry, it’s awesome to see fresh perspectives from presenters who ooze humour, charm and wit. 

Waypoint Radio

Vice has a foot in a number of different areas; from arts and culture to news and politics. This means it’s no surprise that it would step into the gaming scene. ‘Waypoint Radio’ combines politics with video games to create some truly in depth talk points. It delves into the way in which video games have an impact on the real world, so it isn’t always lighthearted. However, the Vice staffers who host the podcast are still incredibly funny. For those looking to open their minds to some serious issues but still want the latest on video games, consider Waypoint Radio as one of the best podcasts for gamers. 

 How Did This Get Played?

Comedians Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger host ‘How Did This Get Played?’, a podcast which will definitely have you laughing out loud. Huge video game fanatics, the two play some of the strangest games ever to hit the market with one question in mind: How Did This Get Play? 

When they are not focusing on a single game, they will delve into general discussions about gaming – inviting a guest on the podcast to talk about a video game that they hold dear. Although the two are incredibly funny, they are not afraid to dig into some of the more serious topics surrounding gaming today. Their wit and humour makes How Did This Get Played? one of the most entertaining podcasts for gamers. 

Triple Click

Only launched in April 2020, Triple Click can be considered relatively new to the podcast scene. It features video game experts and hosts Kirk, Maddy and Jason as they talk about the wonderful world of gaming. They explore some of the hot topics in the industry – covering all of the latest news. 

With the aim of creating a wholesome discussion, the hosts take listener questions and debate some of the winners and losers in gaming today. As well as giving their thoughts on some of the biggest new games, the three are also open to taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting some of the classics together.


The title makes it rather obvious, ‘Retronauts’ takes a look at some of the most beloved games from history. Packed full of nostalgia, hosts Bob and Jeremy team up with a number of expert guests to give their thoughts on games gone by. Spanning 40 years worth of gaming, you’re sure to discover a number of retro games, from old arcade classics to modern-day remakes.

The hosts don’t only reminisce about retro video games, however. Packed full of expert analysis, they also take a look at history of the industry and delve into how the games that have come before have shaped the scene today.

Podcasts for everyone

 With a seemingly endless number of podcasts available for listeners, you are bound to find one that suits you. These are just six of the best that are awesome to listen to. Whether you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane or have some in depth commentary on the state of the video game industry today, you will discover something for you. Podcasts for gamers explore a number of different topics and theories, as well as giving you some hot tips for the latest games. So perhaps when you next travel to work or go to the gym, consider tuning into a podcast. 

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