The Biggest No No’s When Writing Sales Copy For Your Website

There are plenty of dos when it comes to writing sales copy, and a whole host of don’ts to go along with them. The right sales copy can engage and truly resonate with customers. It can persuade them to buy, yes, but also to believe. To invest in you and your brand, to understand why and how you can make their lives better, SEO agency Dubai.

Bad copy, on the other hand, can send your customers running for the door, and can leave a bad impression that lingers on well after they have finished reading. Here are some of the biggest no no’s that you can do, with a few tips on how to avoid them as you go…

1. Not knowing your target audience

If you don’t know who you are writing for, how can you write for them? One of the biggest and most common mistakes that copywriters make is to write for everyone, but this doesn’t just give you a wider net to catch customers. It puts off the people who actually might buy your product and wastes time talking to those who never will.

Your SEO agency in Dubai can help you to isolate the people that most need or are most likely to buy your product. Find out who your target market is, understand why they are your target market, and then pitch your copy to them.

2. Not sticking to your voice

When your potential customer reaches your website, it is likely that they will have already had some interaction with your brand. One mistake copywriters make is to vary their tone of voice, which can confuse customers right away.

If your tone is more formal, stick to that in all of your copy. You can opt for a voice that is more colloquial, informal, humorous, or really adopts any tone you wish. Just make sure that you stay constant throughout.

3. Lacking purpose

All writing has a purpose. That purpose may be to entertain, to inform or to engage. It may be to sell a product, increase brand awareness or give information that will encourage a certain action. Knowing what your purpose is, is essential for any sales copy that is hoping to be in any way effective.

How can you know if you are effective without a clear goal? In this case, everything that you have on your sales page should be pointing the customer towards making that all-important purchase. Your copy should be working to do that throughout.

 4. Appearing disingenuous

Customers don’t want too many flowery words and impossible promises. If you are saying that this particular product will change their life, really think about whether it will. For most products, the answer is a resounding no.

Effective sales copy should draw the reader in with descriptive phrases to be sure, but not those that are clearly made up on the spot. Really think about how your product or brand helps people whether that is getting the carpets properly clean or saving lives. Then put that down in honest, if impassioned, copywriting.

5. Failing to edit and improve

It may sound obvious, but one of the biggest no no’s that businesses make with their sales copy is failing to proofread, edit and alter their copy. On the one hand, little mistakes can make you seem unprofessional and lacking in attention to detail. On the other hand, facts may change, situations alter, and what had been true or effective may no longer be that way.

The best way you can ensure that you are avoiding the no-no’s of sales copy writing and encouraging copy that makes your customers say yes is to hire a professional to do the job for you. The right copy writer can ensure that your website boasts the best copy it can, that meets your purpose, attracts the right audience, and encourages all the conversions you could wish for.

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