The Top 3 Most Functional Betting Apps in India

With the almost obtrusive number of betting apps that are out there, picking and choosing the best among them can easily become a task in its own right.

Moreover, in all reality, most of these sites are not worth your time. Sure, they may offer the bare minimum that you are looking for, being that they allow you to bet on sports from your phone.

However, there are some apps that go above and beyond to provide an exceptional user experience, and there is very little stopping you from swapping to them once you are aware of their existence.

Well, we plan on doing exactly that – tell you about some of the most functional betting apps so you can have the best betting experience possible.

Let’s jump straight into it.


There are many options out there for those of you that are looking for

amazing betting apps in India, but there are few that are able to stand up to the likes of Betway.

Betway is one of the most popular betting companies worldwide, and India is just one of the many continents that have the privilege of being able to get access to their services.

If you are just looking for an experience that is incredibly polished overall, then Betway would perhaps be a perfect fit for you.

Everything about the Betway app is done perfectly, and there is no doubt that the development team for their app spent endless nights trying to perfect the formula.

Although, there is one aspect of Betway which receives quite a lot of negative feedback from its customers, and that is their corporate feel.

Many people believe that Betway is a little too on the professional side of things, and in turn, this means that they lose that special personal touch and feel.

Of course, this isn’t going to be a downside for everyone, but if you are someone that wants to get that “classic” betting experience, then this may not be the way to go.

Although, when it comes to pure functionality, Betway more than provides.

Because of the large teams and endless budgets that Betway is able to throw at their app, their design is near perfect.

Calling Betway functional would be an understatement, and in reality, their app is more akin to a well-oiled machine rather than your run of the mill betting app.

If you are looking for a betting app that puts an emphasis on professionalism and functionality, then there would be few better options than Betway.


10CRIC is incredibly popular within the areas it operates, and many people cite that 10CRIC offers the best betting app in India.

It would be fair to call 10CRIC an all in one betting site, with them offering everything you could ever need/want from an online betting establishment. Whether it be a broad selection of betting sports, enticing offers, or an excellent community, 10CRIC manages to do it all.

Of course, you can expect 10CRIC to offer all of the most popular betting sports, and more than that, they also offer an impressive number of options that are not even available with most other betting hubs.

This also includes many of the popular sports that are nation-specific to India, and they will be perfect for those of you that want to have a vast number of sports at your disposal.

As well as just having an impressive number of betting sports on offer, 10CRIC also has an impeccably well-designed app that is easy to navigate and fun to use.

Nothing ever feels strenuous whilst using the 10CRIC app – navigating to the thing you want to get to feels easier than ever, and the experience using their app is an absolute joy.

There are very few if any areas where 10CRIC lags behind, and for those of you that just want to find a betting app to call home, 10CRIC would be a fantastic option.


Parimatch offers a different experience than what you would expect to find at the majority of other betting hubs, being that they have taken to go with a less serious approach and feature bright colours and themes in their web design.

Of course, this isn’t going to be to the liking of everybody, and there is no doubt that their playful atmosphere is going to put some people off.

Alternatively, this is also going to be a major draw for some people, and the fact that they do something a little different from everybody else certainly does wonders when it comes to making them stand out.

Furthermore, Parimatch isn’t just a gimmicky betting site that is rife with bright colours and has a playful aura, it’s also one of the best betting apps out there.

Do not let their light-hearted appearance fool you; this is truly a professional business through and through.

Everything they offer is superb, and they would be a great choice for people that are looking for something a little different whilst still getting access to a high-quality app.

If you love the ideas that Parimatch puts out there and are all for a betting site that has an informal disposition, then they would be a great fit for you.

If you end up going with any of the options that we mentioned in this list, you will be in for an amazing time.

It really is rare to come across a betting site that is able to do it all, and the fact that we have three of the aforementioned anomalies all housed within this one list is truly a miracle.

Don’t take our word for it? Then why not try them out for yourself. You will soon come to see just how good each of the betting apps we listed are, and if you are already using a betting app on a regular basis, you will be shocked to see the difference in quality.

Have fun.

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