Build Excitement for an Upcoming Event with These 7 Email Strategies

Have an event coming up and want to fill as many seats as possible? The best way to do that is through email marketing! With the right email strategies, you can reach dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people with a minimum of effort, ensuring your event will be a big success.

However, you need to know how to edited photo promote your upcoming event wisely to make the most of this tool. Let us break down how you can build excitement for any upcoming event with seven smart email strategies.

Collect Emails from Sign-Ups

Email marketing isn’t possible unless you have tons of email addresses. The best way to get those? Collecting email addresses from early invitees who signed up on your event website or social media page.

Once you have those emails, you can send regular reminders about the upcoming event (so no one forgets to attend the event they already RSVPed for). Plus, these emails will be good jumping-off points for the rest of your email marketing strategies.

Send Exclusive Offer Emails

No matter how many email campaigns you plan, those campaigns need to have exclusive offers to drum up anticipation and excitement for the upcoming event in question. These can be discounts on tickets, special seat reservation opportunities, and more.

Making emails with special graphics, visuals, or other elements can be made much more easily with email templates on tools like PosterMyWall. With this free tool, you don’t need to have a lot of graphic design experience or create email designs from scratch. Instead, you can simply “fill in the blanks” with the details of your event while ensuring that your emails look stunning and visually interesting for their readers.

Keep the Subject Line Short

As you design and send out your emails, remember to keep the subject lines short, sweet, and to the point. The most effective emails usually have short and streamlined subject lines that don’t get cut off by email inboxes.

The longer your subject line is, the greater the likelihood that your reader will become bored in the middle of reading it and simply move your email to the trash folder. Instead, keep your subject lines short while using “FOMO” or fear of missing out terms like, “soon,” “exclusive,” and “reserve today,” to get people intereste in what your emails have to say.

Countdown Emails

As the event approaches, it might be wise to send out countdown emails to those on your email marketing list. Send one email per day for each of the days in the week leading up to the big event; this both promotes the event again and again and helps to remind people of the event itself (an important fact if your target attendees are busy individuals).

Encourage Invitees to Refer Others

Some of your emails can include encouragements or offers for referrals. For example, you can send out an email to current event attendees or those who have already RSVPed, letting them know that they’ll get a discount on their ticket or some other special bonus if they refer someone else to the same event.

This is a great way to promote your upcoming event via word-of-mouth while also incentivizing current event attendees to keep the event in the back of their minds as it approaches.

Include Event Ads in Emails

The best event advertisements and promotions are embedded in emails, as most people don’t think of ads and emails as the same things. But you can include video advertisements or commercials for the event in emails you send out, or you can include well-designed posters to build excitement and make people even more interested in what the event has to offer.

In both these cases, make sure your event ads are well-designe, compelling, and use excellent imagery to make people interested in viewing them. Furthermore, place the event ads right in the center of your emails so they automatically play or are visible as soon as someone opens one of them.

Provide Just Enough Info to Get Readers to Click

Lastly, be sure to provide enough information in your event emails to get readers to click through to the event website or your social media pages. Don’t put too much information in your emails; that might drive people away or convince them to throw your emails in the junk folder. Giving a taste of the benefits or entertainment to come with the event is usually enough to inspire people to RSVP, plus convince readers to scan through the rest of your email to see what else it might say.

In the end, all these strategies combined will do wonders for promoting any upcoming event in any industry. Use them together to maximize your outreach and attendee anticipation for the event before it rolls around!

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