The 12 Best Watch Brands For Men And Women

Today we will stop to analyze the Watch Brands for men or women. Taking into account their quality/price ratio.

In the past, wristwatches were a luxury item only available to a few. A market where you almost always got what you paid for. Both in quality and in prestige, for your doll.

Fortunately, during the 70s and the subsequent consolidation of some Japanese watch brands in the manufacture of precise and affordable mechanisms.

The quartz crisis has meant that even the old Swiss school had to reinvent itself to offer models within reach of all budgets.

But all that glitters is not gold, and sometimes finding the best brands of watches for men or women can be a bit complex. Considering that price can no longer be using as an indication of quality.

There are automatic watches for less than € 200 that are a natural wonder and look for more than € 500 that do not meet expectations according to user opinions.

For this reason, in this post, we have focused on investigating the best watch brands. With pieces that offer more than they cost.


You may remember Casio with nostalgia for those calculator watches from the 80s. Still, the truth is that today the technological level, the variety. And especially the quality of their designs cannot be overlooked.

The brand offers its classic designs, such as the popular vintage-style gold Casio, analog methods, hybrid watches, diving, radio controlled, or even GPS.

It is also one of the cheapest brands since you can get Casio watches for less than € 50, although they also have high-end watches for hundreds of euros with the same materials (titanium, sapphire, etc.) and many more functions. Then a luxury watch worth thousands of euros.

That is why Casio is undoubtedly one of the best watch brands for men and women and deserves to be at the top of our list.


Timex is a well-known North American watch brand that became very popular by being the first to manufacture high-quality chain movements. Which allowed it to lower costs and expand its audience.

The company, which was founded in 1854, stands out mainly for its innovative and high-quality watches. Since its inception. It has produced watches of all styles.

The company’s most prosperous firm is Timex Ironman. However, the modern Intelligent Quartz collection also occupies a prominent position among the public.

The key to Timex is that it has been crafting classic watches for the last 160 years, focused on every segment of society.

Currently, you can get classic design pieces that can be a great choice as a starter watch, such as the Weekender series or the Camper Watches, whose prices are very affordable.

Therefore, Timex watches are a more than desirable option if you are looking for watch brands that offer a good quality/price ratio.


Swatch revolutionized the Swiss watch concept by making the first truly inexpensive Swiss quartz watches, using new materials such as injection-molded plastic and robot-assembled movements.

Although they were initially conceived as secondary watches to using as a tribute, the brand has managed to evolve and gain a foothold in the market thanks to its youthful, low-cost designs.

Currently, the brand has a wide range of affordable models within reach of any pocket, being undoubtedly one of the best brands of watches that we can wear for little money.


Founded in Switzerland in 1837, Invicta is another of the brands that opted for making affordable watches during the quartz revolution.

Their Pro Diver diving watches are trendy, imitating designs from other much more expensive brands, that is, with Japanese calibers. Although some of them even have a sapphire crystal.

A brand that cannot be lost sight of if you are looking for a good quality automatic watch at a price within reach of all pockets.


Although there is a prestigious Japanese brand with designs that have come to compete with the very Swiss watches in precision and quality, we would have to talk about Seiko.

Seiko is one of the oldest watch brands in Japan and one of the largest manufacturers of watch parts in the world.

Thanks to the fact that Seiko manufactures its calibers in Japan, it can offer much more affordable mechanical watches than the Swiss ones, with designs that have little to envy them. Such as the Seiko Presage.

Like an excellent Japanese brand, they also have very technologically advanced models. Such as the Kinetic series, which charges its battery thanks to movement.


An excellent example of this is the Orient Bambino series. Although the firm manufactures dress watches and has other types of watches, such as the Mako diving series.

In any case, we are dealing with watches that appear much more than they cost, and that can become a crucial piece of your collection for a reasonably affordable price.


With a clean and minimalist design. Skagen watches are a good choice for those looking for a stylish and affordable design.

Skagen is exclusive by the distinctive Danish design of its creations. So minimalist and light that it makes it one of the best-known fine watch brands.

There are also hybrid models with intelligent functions.


Another of the great Japanese brands that never disappoint, both in quality and price, is Citizen. They are well-designed watches. Often with various additional dials and functions.

Citizens are watches that stand the test of time well. Although perhaps they can become too complex due to the amount of information they provide.

Especially noteworthy are the Citizen aviator style and the Eco-Drive series capable of operating with sunlight or any other light source.


Hanowa is one of those small Swiss brands that survived the quartz crisis, which bases its strategy on mainly creating sports and military watches.

That is why his creations stand out for resistance to the environment, often including robust cases and sapphire crystals.

Internally, they usually equip quartz mechanisms of Swiss origin. They are also officially licensed by the Swiss Watch Confederation.


Mondaine has been making the wall clocks that measure time on the Swiss railways for years. So it is not surprising that their wristwatches have a similar aesthetic.

This translates into watches with Swiss quartz mechanisms assembled by hand in Switzerland itself. Although this does not mean that they are prohibitive as you can find some quite affordable models.


Belonging to the Swatch Group, Tissot is possibly one of its most prestigious and best-positioned brands in the global market.

You can find Tissot advertising anywhere, and they even sponsor different sporting events, such as the NBA or MotoGP.

The brand manufactures high-quality sports and dress watches and clocks, always with quartz and automatic Swiss movements. Some equipped with the famous Swissmatic caliber.

The good news is that, although it may seem like a luxury brand, the truth is that Tissot also has a few affordable models for ordinary people.

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