What plan to the Web Business Plan

Web Business Plan

Do you already have your business plan? For both the traditional company and the online company, it is essential.

If you are an SME or are thinking of being one, you should know that your business plan is essential to direct your project and avoid possible scares before starting anything. If your SME is also a web company, you will also be thinking about graphic design, what strategy you will carry out in Social Media, SEO web positioning, SEM etc. But … Did you know that all these decisions must be included in the web marketing plan and, in turn, in the business plan?

Business Definition

To start with your business plan, something fundamental is the name of the project, what it consists of, products or services offered that needs to be satisfied, target audience, dates, business model, etc. In both a web company and a traditional one, it consists of explaining what your project is.

Analysis of the situation: Internal and external analysis

This point is essential, if you do not analyze your environment, do not expect things to turn out as you expect. As for the internal analysis is about studying in what situation we are starting from our resources, capacities, threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis). The external analysis consists of analyzing the market and the competition (web market and web competition in the case of the digital sector).

Marketing plan

In this area, the 4P’s of the traditional Marketing Mix has constantly remained developed. However, in the case of SMEs belonging to the digital sector this plan goes much further. This is where we should consider what we mentioned at the beginning: SEO? SEM? Social networks? Content marketing? In short, your  Online Marketing plan.

In the first place, we must consider the target or audience to which we are going to address, what objectives we have and, based on these, what online marketing strategies we will carry out, since not necessarily because we have a web business, we will have to implement all the strategies of (for example) search engine optimization, everything will depend on the sector to which the company belongs and its purpose.

Production / Operations Plan

This phase consists of a detailed description of the development and strategies of the production process (also applicable to service companies). In the case of web companies, the Web Development Plan is how the site will remain created.

Organization and Human Resources Plan

It is summarized in the organizational structure and human resource planning: organization chart, salaries, positions, employees and functions, working conditions, etc.

Fiscal Legal Plan

It is about defining the company’s legal form, necessary administrative procedures, legal aspects to take into account. And everything necessary to start the company in administrative aspects.

Economic – Financial Plan

Without a doubt one of the most important. It is based on developing the investment and financing plan, preparing a demand forecast, treasury forecast, etc.

Feasibility Study and Contingency Plan

In this phase, it will be necessary to include the forecast of the income statement. The business continuity plan, risk forecast or recovery plans in case of adverse situations. In the case of a web company, this plan is essential. It must remain adapted to the main risks of an online business. Server crashes, serious tracking errors, malfunctions, unwanted web positioning, etc.

With all this information you can start creating your business plan to create a new company. And remember that they are the bases on which the future or failure of your company will be built.

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