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What Is A Port City Reading Answers – This study is part of a general policy to investigate the impact of climate change on cities. In a 60-year projection, the ports with the highest capital at risk due to disasters caused by climate change will be Miami, Guangdong (Canton), New York, Calcutta, Shanghai, Mumbai, Tianjin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

The authors estimated the degree of exposure of the world’s largest city-ports to the maritime consequences of climate change: violent tides, rising coastlines, storms, and strong winds. As a scenario, the study took the 136 ports with more than one million inhabitants.

Description: What Is A Port City Reading Answers

The results are projected to the year 2070 since the researchers considered that a 60-year time scale implies substantial changes in environmental and socioeconomic factors, which allows a significant evaluation of the change in risks. In addition, this period is considered appropriate when working on adaptation plans to such climatic, economic, and socio-demographic differences.

To measure the degree of exposure of a city to maritime and climatic risks, the researchers included the following criteria. In addition to environmental factors: population and economic growth, natural subsidence or uplift of the land, global. And regional sea-level rise, increase from intense storms and potential ground subsidence caused by man.

The results considered two impact variables: the threat in terms of the city’s population. And the economic capital committed to exposure to climate change.

We show you the famous ports with the highest economic capital at risk due to climate change.

Popular Ports: What Is A Port City Reading Answers

1. Miami, USA

What Is A Port City Reading Answers – Besides being a vital economic center, Miami is touristically known as the Cruise Capital of the World. Together with the nearby port of Fort Lauderdale, they make up a gigantic and modern complex conditioned to receive the largest cruise ships. Thus, tourism is one of the most significant economic activities in the city.

Miami is also home to high commercial traffic of 7.4 million tons of cargo and more than 1 million containers per year. Construction of the Miami Port Tunnel began in May of this year.  A road project ready by 2014 and will connect the port with the city’s major highways.

2. Guangdong, China

What Is A Port City Reading Answers – The Chinese province of Guangdong is home to one of the largest ports in the world in size and traffic: Canton. The city, located on the Rio de las Perlas, is one of the most important in the country’s south. As early as the 16th century, it was the main port of contact for European morning people, explorers, and merchants. Still, archaeological research indicates that the maritime trade in this area is even ancient.

The country is the third port with the highest traffic and annual cargo. Still, the expectations of demographic growth, development, urbanization. And climate change for 60 years make it the second among those with the highest economic capital at risk.

3. New York, USA

What Is A Port City Reading Answers – This North American port combines tourist (cruise) and commercial activity like Miami. It is a two-state complex between New York and New Jersey managed by the Port Authority of NY / NYe. This entity operates the Port Newark-Elizabeth Maritime Terminal, which processes one of the USA’s most significant maritime traffic.

In addition to this critical commercial work, the port and its administration provide connectivity services between the city and the surrounding islands. Such as tunnels, Hudson River crossings, local airports, port railways, and bridges.

4. Calcutta, India

What Are A Port City Reading Answers – The oldest port built in India, initially installed by the British East India Company, opening the trade route between the colony and the kingdom.

During that period, it remained the most critical port in British India. Although after independence, it lost importance, its growth has accelerated and sustained over time due to the country’s economic recovery.

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