Digital Influencer – What is a Digital Influencer?

First of all, we need to elucidate the term “influencer”. The English word refers to a person who has the power to influence people, that is, a person who has the ability to provoke reactions or form opinions. Digital influencer do all of this, but it’s done on the internet.

So, it can be said that influencers can help sell products or promote business/services. Because if influencers tell their contacts they know and approve your product, your leads and sales will increase.

How to be an Influencer on the Internet? 5 Steps To Building An Audience

For sure there is no formula to become an influencer, but what we can teach you are the steps that each and every one of them had to follow to start building an audience on digital channels.

If this interests you, keep reading!

1. Have a Presence in the Social Networks of the Moment

The first thing you should do is identify the best social network according to the content you want to offer to the public. For example, if you are a photographer or plastic artist, it is best to use Instagram or Facebook, where images predominate.

If you are more of news, interesting facts, articles and derivatives, Twitter and LinkedIn are the appropriate ones. However, it is not enough that you have a profile in each one and dedicate time to each one according to its importance to you.

2. Be Very Active

Now, you already have a presence, it is time to interact. To begin with, it is highly recommended to participate in the debates that arise within these platforms , of course, on issues that have to do with your materials.

In turn, dialogue with the audience you are acquiring. Ask questions, surveys, ask for their opinions about your content, run contests, among others.

3. Build Relationships With Other Influencers

In all of them there is the possibility of sending direct and private messages, take advantage of this!

Present yourself, say who you are, what you do and why you think this person has an interesting profile for your tastes.

4. Have a Website of your Brand

In this era, if you don’t have your own website, you don’t exist.

Try to make your website as professional as possible, share materials in this way, explain who you are and why you add value to the market , be creative!

Remember, no one sees themselves as an authority if what they have is a Facebook Fan Page.

5. Focus on Giving

Last, perhaps most important: always provide more value than you receive.

Create valuable content, spread it with a lot of motivation and keep doing it forever.

It is done! These are the fundamental steps you must follow to become an influencer. But it is worth clarifying again that it is not a recipe, you have to innovate and use all the resources you have at hand to become one of the best.

How much does a Digital Influencer Earn?

Let’s see, we know you want to get to this part. How much does one of these professionals earn?

There is really no official table or an estimated rate to calculate the commissions that influencers have, but there are generic numbers according to the platform they use, which can give you an idea.


According to your level of followers on the network, YouTube can pay you from US $ 0.04 to US $ 0.15 for each view, after exceeding 10,000 views.

So, a person who has between 5 and 7 million subscribers to his channel can receive up to US $ 300 thousand per campaign. An impressive figure, right?


Here what counts are the impressions. Where the value for each one increases according to the level of popularity of the influencer.

It is estimated that a person with 100,000 followers on the network can charge from 500 to 800 US $ to promote a product or service.

But personalities of music, fashion or entertainment, get to charge up to US $ 400 thousand for a single photo.


According to numbers obtained in a survey conducted by the Martech Series, 90% of micro influencers within Facebook charge less than US $ 250 for a publication.


On Twitter, 83% of them rate their sponsored posts at less than $ 150.

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