What Is Web Design? Everything You Need To Know

Having web design experts is the best way to achieve the objectives of a company. It does not matter if it is a local, industrial or traditional business. Through this tool image and message of a brand can be transmitted while responding to the needs of users

The web design Malaga has become increasingly important due to its large number of advantages. Many think that just appearing on the Internet is enough, but to connect with customers and achieve the objectives set, it is necessary much more than just creating a web page.

For this reason, to achieve the proper development of a web page, it is essential to have experience and knowledge in vital areas, such as design, programming, CRO, SEO strategies, among many others.

Web design experts can get the most out of an online platform. Its services guarantee the highest quality and usability standards to increase the probability of conversion and build a solid relationship with customers.

What is Web Design?

Web design is a discipline that is responsible for planning, maintaining, and creating web pages. Although this definition sounds simple, the concept is far from its traditional meaning, as it also encompasses aspects such as user experience and strategies to attract new leads.

The best web design companies provide comprehensive services that encompass all areas of this process, such as creating the interface or SEO positioning, essential factors for the user experience, and the image in general.

Web design is necessary for the platform to stand out from the rest. Therefore its development requires a reasonable amount of time and planning by a group of experts is how the corporate image and the company’s message can be transmitted more clearly.

The main function of a web designer is to find the balance between the aesthetics and functionality of a page to benefit the users. To achieve this, they make all the graphic elements based on the company’s branding, using programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, with a good web structure.

Web Design Elements

If a website is not optimized, it is difficult for a brand to rank high in search engines. Therefore, when designing a website, professionals take into account different aspects.


Usability refers to the organization and operation of the site. When accessing a web page, it is essential that users find what they are looking for immediately; otherwise, they will feel frustrated and are likely to leave the platform without taking any action.

Usability refers to attributes that help measure how pleasant the browsing experience is and how easy it is to use a page. Users enjoy the visit when a site is simple, intuitive, and friendly and even come back again. In this sense, usability measures the efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction of Internet users.

Taking usability into account when starting web design provides multiple benefits to the brand. For example, more excellent communication with customers is obtaining. It allows increasing traffic and increasing the duration of visits, decreasing the bounce rate, increasing sales, among others.

Loading Time

the website must work optimally. Hence the loading time is a determining factor so that if a person has to wait more than 30 seconds to obtain information you will end up visiting the competition.

In web design, aspects such as the weight of the images considered to reduce the bounce rate and increase visits.


More and more people are retrieving the Internet through their mobile devices and tablets. For this reason, web design is essential to create web pages that fit the dimensions of any mobile device.

Services Offered By A Web Design Company

The best web design companies use tools to improve the user experience and accelerate business objectives.

CRO Techniques

CRO is an acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization, which translates into Spanish as conversion rate optimization. It is a set of techniques that aim to improve the conversion rate of websites.

For companies that want to sell online, the conversion rate is one of the most critical factors. This strategy focuses on all web optimization actions to get visitors to perform a certain action: buy, subscribe to the web, etc.

A good web design attracts traffic, but sometimes the objectives of companies go beyond just getting visitors. To do this, we try to vary the user experience by incorporating landing pages forms, striking images. And rethinking the structure of the web so that the most important thing is the center of attention.

A good CRO process goes through different phases, such as identifying the problem, conducting tests, searching for solutions, analyzing results, and permanent improvement cycles.

SEO Optimization Processes

SEO has to do with organic search engine optimization. They are all strategies that help to place the website in the first place of Google.

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