The Ten Most Common Product Promotions

1. Discount Marked by the Product Itself

It consists of temporarily selling at a lower price than normal, communicating it on the packaging itself: “10% discount”. Product Promotions

Strategy: It’s the type of advertisement that has the most direct impact

on the consumer.

where there are few quality differences between competing brands.

the company, premiere of the new container, etc.

For the consumer, getting the same is excellent business

Product for less money. It enables the company to grow

Product turnover at the point of sale. By achieving a lower profitability, its duration must be

be limited.2. Higher Product Content for the Same Price

Two types of modalities can be given here. On the one pointer, the classic 3 × 2 promotion (buy three units of product and pay only two). Second, a larger and more contained container, offered at the same price as the normal product (“20% more, free”).

Strategy: Recommended for articles of frequent ingesting, little differentiated and very modest. It is also very useful for presenting new larger packages. Its objective is to conquer market share from the competition and then maintain that share with the usual creation.

For the distributor, it is an ugly promotion, as it is not able to dispose of the stock of the normal product. Like the previous one, it is not convenient for it to have an excessive duration.

3. Complementary products at a Lower Price

Like the previous two, this is a third type of price raise. In this modality, the offer contains of offering two products for complementary use (milk + pastries, asparagus + mayonnaise, etc.) at a price lower than that corresponding to the amount of both.

Strategy: This raise is widely companies that manufacture both types of products. In this way the respective brand is strengthen. It is also very useful for introducing a new product or packaging.

4. Coupons or Discount Vouchers

They are price reductions through vouchers and coupons, which receive in different ways: by mail, in magazines, personal delivery, etc. They usually have a certain period of validity.

Strategy: It has a great commercial efficiency. The drawbacks: its high cost of distribution and the little sympathy shown by the channels, given the procedures involved (collection by its staff and reimbursement of the discount by the manufacturer).

5. Samples and Tastings

The sample is the free distribution of small quantities of product for the consumer to try. They can be got by mail, door to door, included in other products, etc.

Strategy: Very suitable for articles that have a differentiated component that must be verified: toothpastes, food, soaps, cosmetics, etc.

6. Direct Gifts

Gifts attached to the package or inside the product.

Strategy: Recommend for products with a low unit price, whose purchase is made frequently. The gift should never have a higher appeal than the product itself. It is optional that they do not lengthen excessively over time.

Being a very popular type of promotion, the gift must have a certain creative touch to differentiate itself from the competition.

7. Deferred Gifts

The gift is obtained by accumulating a series of proofs of purchase: labels, barcodes, accumulative points according to the capacity of acquisitions, etc.

Strategy: It is typically very effective as the attainment of the prize is linked to the realization of a certain volume of purchase.

8. Promotional Sweepstakes and Contests

Draws are games or combinations in which a prize is offer to randomly designated winners. Contests, for their part, require a certain active participation of the consumer, who has to put their knowledge and skills to the test of various kinds. In both cases, prizes of a certain entity are usually award.

Strategy: The ritual aspect of the sweepstakes (their advertising, the act of publishing the winners, etc.) causes a mimicry effect on the public. This is the reason for the fact that many non-regular consumers join the brand.

Regarding promotions through contests, experts consider that the lively aspect and, in some cases, the spectacular countryside of this modality produces a strong identification of the consumer with the brand. Product Promotions

9. Promotional Parties

Organization of parties in which the main character is a certain brand, which is the lone one of its kind that is spent during the celebration. In addition, t-shirts, caps and other advertising gifts relate to the product to promote away.

Strategy: The type of game and cartoon actions that are developed must be consistent with the audience that you are trying to overcome.

10. Joint Actions

In recent months combined promotion campaigns have become fashionable. Two brands participate in them, with similar marketing objectives and target audiences. Product Promotions

Strategy: An advantage is that the costs of the promotion are share among the participating brands. This allows them to publicize this process in a big way.

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