Employment Agencies: What are they and how to find a job through one?

Have you ever wondered what employment agencies are and how it is possible to find a job through one? If you have ever been looking for job opportunities, it is likely that, consciously or not, you have come across a job search from an employment agency.

These companies or agencies, hired by other organizations to take care of the recruitment and selection of the human talent required in an institution, are usually a powerful source of very promising vacancies for professional development.

Although the selection of personnel used to be a task where full responsibility came from the company that carries out the recruitment, today, this process is increasingly complex. Companies delegate this specialized management to organizations a lot. More up-to-date and ready to face all challenges.

Suppose you decide to look for Work in employment agencies. In that case, you will be opening your search channels and gaining an advantage over other professionals who do not consider this medium among their options.


What exactly are employment agencies? How do they work? What are the advantages of looking for Work? How to find job opportunities through them? Which are the best?

We know that there are many doubts! Luckily they will all be answered through this article, starting with.

What are Employment Agencies?

An employment agency, also known as a placement agency, is an organization or institution dedicated to promoting job opportunities. Its mission is to act as an intermediary between companies and professionals in the process of seeking employment, putting them in contact to establish an employment relationship.

In other words, despite promoting job vacancies, the employment agency does not directly hire. Still, it is in charge of searching and selecting candidates who meet the required conditions and represent them in the human resources area.

Any company, whether public or private, can hire and delegate the functions of talent search and selection to an employment agency, with the purpose that it assumes the responsibility of choosing the best professional profiles for a specific vacancy and finally, redirect these professionals to the organization that carries out the official recruitment.

In addition, some of them work non-profit and are based on a social mission. In contrast, others charge for their placement services even to the candidate (although this practice is becoming less common, except when hiring additional services).

What Benefits do Employment Agencies Offer?

Suppose you are in the process of looking for new job opportunities. In that case, employment agencies are an excellent place to access vacancies, offers and participate in selection cycles that are not available elsewhere.

However, do you know all the benefits that seeking employment in this medium can offer? We will talk more about it below:

  • Being agents that work with organizations from different fields, areas, and sectors, the job offer is usually much more diverse than in the direct job market of a single company.
  • Exclusivity is an essential factor in the agreements established between an employment agency and a company, so many of the vacancies you will see in employment agencies are prohibited from being shared through other channels. This can be very advantageous if you want to access unique job opportunities.
  • They are agents that you can ask for support and guidance in the job search process, and they will be willing to help you out.
  • For those who want to carry out a more specific search, there are employment agencies specialized in specific professional areas, for example, IT employment and selection agencies, employment agencies for managerial profiles, etc.


  • They are usually institutions that are entirely open for receiving spontaneous applications, so you can send them your CV whenever you want, and they will store it in their database.
  • They work with 100% verified companies, so you will not have a high risk of suffering scams, deception, or last-minute changes in the selection and hiring process.
  • Many employment agencies tend to work hand in hand with large companies of high international recognition to offer exclusive jobs.
  • They are an excellent alternative to persist in your job search in a new country or if you are about to move abroad.
  • If you are looking for a freelance or remote job, employment agencies specialize in this type of modality.
  • If you are looking for a second or short-term job, employment agencies will help you find temporary or contract employment.

How to find a Job Through an Employment Agency?

In general, the process of looking for Work and applying for job vacancies through an employment agency is not very different from how you would look for Work directly in a company in the traditional way.

It is common for employment agencies, also known as recruitment companies or talent hunters. To have an active online presence through web pages, LinkedIn profiles. And social networks to communicate with their audience and share exclusive job opportunities.

To apply for a job offer from an employment agency. You have to find a company of this type that publishes vacancies that fit your profile. Enter the job board of the same (in some cases, you will have to register a profile in their platform) and submit your application following the steps indicated by the system.

The applications are generally given online forms that you must complete with your resume and share other personal/professional presentation data. The employment agencies will contact you if your profile meets the conditions of the requested vacancy.

In some cases. Many employment agencies will make available email addresses to which you can also send your resume to apply for other job opportunities.

It should be noted that it is never necessary to hide the fact that you have sent your resume to various employment agencies. So you can apply to as many jobs offers promoted by different agencies as you like.

Employment Agencies where you can find Work

As we have mentioned before, to find a job through an employment agency. All you need is an employment agency with a job board to apply to.

Below we will share with you a list of employment agencies with opportunities available for professional profiles of all kinds. High reputations. Different work modalities, and with a presence in Spain and internationally:

  • Temps
  • Randstad
  • Nortempo
  • Adecco
  • Human resources
  • Euro firms
  • Flexiplan (Eulen Group)
  • Labor Action
  • North Group
  • Insert
  • Alternate

Final Words

In summary, knowing how employment agencies work allows you to consider this alternative more closely in your job search process. Especially if you are thinking about maximizing the number of opportunities you have access to.

Taking advantage of the services of an employment agency in times of crisis or recession is usually very common. Companies with more significant opportunities for growth. Even during the situation, use intermediaries such as employment agencies to support choosing the best candidates.

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Do you have more questions about employment agencies or any experience that you think is worth commenting on? Please respond in the comments, and let’s continue the conversation.

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