Berry. im Trading Platform: What Is It? Scam or Legal

With the help of the cryptocurrency trading and investment platform, Users can trade cryptocurrencies like USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others to earn money online. An offshore scam broker named pushes customers to use our recovery service. It is a review of scammed. Scam brokers may operate in multiple countries without the regulations enforced by respectable regulatory bodies such as FSMA, FCA, CySec, ASIC, etc.

However, there are other grounds besides regulation for labeling this broker a scam. Other reasons cited include many complaints, unfavorable reviews, and other potential scam elements. Trading Platform

Technically speaking, the Berry Trading Platform is an Ethereum-based digital exchange, trading, and investment platform that uses TRC20 and ERC20 tokens.

To put it simply and understandably for the average person, the Berry Trading Platform, located initially at, is an online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, cryptocurrency refers to more than just Bitcoin. The most well-known and established coin is bitcoin, and trading bitcoins against one another to make money remains done at www.berry. im.

The digital term for a digital version of dollars, known as fiat currency, is USDT, Berry’s standard operating coin. In summary, berry. I trade currencies other than the USDT.

The Workings of the Crypto Trading Platform

Here are my thoughts on the functioning of the FS Global Berries platform as an active user who initially invested USD 1000 (or R20,100).

The operating model of is predicated on:

  • A channel of marketing with multiple levels
  • An exchange for cryptocurrency trading
  • and a minimal platform for investments (perhaps by 15% of definition)

Close to Internet Sites That Might Be Dangerous

On a scale of 1 to 100, this measurement expresses how much is associated with websites reported as malicious. Higher scores indicate a stronger connection to these controversial web locations.

It’s crucial to remember that website owners might not always know how close their site is to these dubious servers or platforms. A website remains considered high-risk if its “Proximity to Suspicious Websites” score is more than 80, but not life-threatening if it is less than 30.

Regarding Berry. im Fraud Broker

A fraudulent investment platform, Berry. im, claims it can help users generate passive income. However, is one of the possible ploys. It is best to avoid investing money with this broker if you do not want to lose it.

Berry. im work in the cryptocurrency market as well. The broker doesn’t even provide any information about its employees on its website. The broker’s practice of sharing free stock photos of employees on its website, which we are already attempting to remove, raises even more red flags. These items demonstrate the broker’s dishonesty, unreliability, and risk in your investments.

But then there’s Berry. Their methods of operation are so confusing to me. They arranged a FinCEN certificate for an MSB registration to appear authorized.

Offshore con artists typically obtain this certificate by providing false information.

About Red Flags Of Berry. im

Owner Information: The owner of the website withheld all personal information. If is authentic, the owner’s true identity shouldn’t be kept a secret.

Content Duplication: It is utilizing identical content. It indicates that content on various websites is also available on the website.

Trust Score: The website has an extremely low Trust Score. According to research, a website needs to have a trust score of between 25 and 50 points. However, a website is good, trustworthy, and reputable if it has more than 60 points.

Secure Examining of

Our goal is perfect accuracy for every validation. You can defend yourself against fraud and other financial scams in this way. Please feel free to consent a remark with your thoughts.

Our Scam Detector VLDTR® algorithm uses berry. im as an example of factors that automatically scan a company’s website. When we verify websites, we look for specifics that provide essential context for the company’s professionalism, such as how they bill customers, handle customer service, make sales (if any), etc.

We used the decisive factors to generate this review and the site’s rating. Utilizing our VLDTR® algorithm has many advantages, including that ratings cannot be manipulated. It is not exclusively predicated on user-written internet reviews.

Is Berry. Is it a fraudulent website?

It is a possible scam, regardless of what any Berry. im reviews have told you. We advise against making investments with them.

We advise you to stop depositing any money with Berry if you are an investor; this is especially true if they charge you a fee to withdraw your money. NEITHER PAY IT.

Berry.Reviews and complaints about IM scams

After conducting extensive research on this broker, MintonBlock has included this broker in the list of scam brokers to beware of based on complaints, bad reviews, and other scam characteristics.

Is Berry. I’m a Scam or Legit?

SmartContractsAtMintonBlock does not advise investors to trade with this broker, and there is a chance that your money won’t be secure.

Finding out about a broker’s certification(s) should always be your first and most crucial step when looking for one to conduct trading activities with. It will inform you whether Berry. im is an offshore and unregulated organization or if they are subject to central authority regulation.

If your funds are compromised, you may have little to no legal recourse if your broker is unregulated or regulated by an organization that is not under your jurisdiction. You can only file a complaint about theft against a broker if the regulator in your jurisdiction has granted them a license.

The following are a few instances of regulatory bodies that grant brokerage licenses:

  • Commission for Securities and Exchange of Cyprus (CySEC)
  • The FCA, or Financial Conduct Authority
  • The Commission for Australian Securities and Investments (ASIC)

A broker is probably unregulated and should be avoided if they remain unlicensed by the regulatory body in your area.


The Berry. im website is presently unavailable and has generated a 404 page not found error in multiple regions! Updates remain only sent out via Telegram. It may have given you the impression that Berry. im is closing down, but I am still working to amass as much investment as possible by turning off withdrawal options and running staking promotions! BERRY MAX appears Wigitimate as a result.

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