Why have a Business Website? 7 Reasons Beyond Online Visibility

To stay afloat and prosper on a day-to-day basis, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) tend to focus on operation and decide to spend only on their most urgent needs – particularly if they are new to the market. Thus, it is possible that many owners of this type of business think that creating a website is a luxury that they can do without.

In these cases, there are those who believe that opening a Facebook page is enough to have an online presence, or even that resorting to traditional advertising (such as street signs or print advertising) will help them attract customers and sell products.

7 Reasons why have a Website for your Business

If you still have misgivings about the importance of a website for your SME or business, consider these 7 reasons:

  1. It is the control center for all your business marketing.
  2. It is the window to sell products or services.
  3. Helps you generate leads (and makes customer retention easier).
  4. It allows local businesses to compete with big brands.
  5. It helps you build credibility.
  6. You control your online story.
  7. A business website is inexpensive (and very profitable).

1. It is the Control Center for all your Business Marketing

First of all, any advertising campaign begins with how your website is created : all the details of your business, products, offers and promotions must be online.

Literally, your website acts as a portal for customers to learn more about your brand, get to know your commercial offer and decide if they want to have deals with your company.

Thus, before allocating an advertising budget, you have to follow the steps to create a website that include:

  1. Get a custom domain name and add-on domain extensions.
  2. Choose a hosting and a web platform (be it a content manager such as WordPress, a website builder or an online store for e-commerce).
  3. You can check the plans that include the three previous elements, plus a corporate email to use the domain of your website in your email addresses.

2. It is your Window to Sell Products or Services

Another reason for having a website is that you can change information in real time. Without waiting for new printed materials to be ready.

This allows you to update item prices, service features, launch offers, and process your customers’ orders wherever you are.

In addition, by having payment methods, shipping options and even gift wrapping. E-commerce websites allow users to make their purchases directly online and simplify the sales process for both parties (staff and customers).

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3. Helps you Generate Leads (and Facilitates Customer Retention)

By creating a website it is easier to approach your potential buyers with the products and services they require, anytime and anywhere.

Also, an optimized website makes the shopping experience much easier and more accessible. This encourages you to have recurring customers because they know that with you they will get the products / services that solve their needs. With the attention and quality that they like.

4. Allows Local Businesses to Compete with Big Brands

A misconception about websites is that they only serve companies with a national presence and gantt timeline. Or global corporations with audiences around the globe.

The reality is that having a website is particularly beneficial for small businesses as it is the best way to connect with people in your community.

5. Helps you Build Credibility

The web pages for SMEs that best respond to the needs of their clients are better positioned in their activity or sector.

As you publish relevant information for your customers online. You build the authority of your website and your domain, which helps your business to be found.

On the contrary, not showing up in search engines is one of the quickest and most definitive ways to lose credibility. As it will make your company look dated and unreliable. And worst of all: you will be losing business opportunities.

6. You Control your Online Story

“Why are Facebook, YouTube and similar platforms not enough to start an online business?” Is a query you may be asking yourself when reading this article.

This is especially delicate if a social network decides to restrict publication options. Adjust positioning criteria (the famous “algorithm changes”) or outright close your account. Thereby potentially losing contact with your audience.

On the other hand, when you establish a website for business you control all the information of your company. The tone of communication and the history of your brand exactly how you want it to reach your target audience.

7. A Business Website is Inexpensive (and very Profitable)

Even if you have no knowledge in programming languages ​​or web design, there are drag and drop editors with which it is possible to build a website with a professional look … as fast as in a couple of hours!

As you can see, it is probably one of the cheapest operating costs out there.

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