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Lincoln College of Technology – Nashville is an isolated for-profit institution in Nashville, Tennessee. Its campus is located in a city with a total enrollment of 1,692. The school utilizes a differs by program-based academic year. The student-faculty ratio is 29-to-1. The top degree offered at Lincoln College of Technology-Nashville is an associate degree. The school has an open admissions policy.

There is No Application Fee.

Students can earn diplomas and certificates in 2 different fields. Most popular programs include Mechanic and Precision Production and Repair Technicians / Technicians.

Lincoln College of Technology helps students achieve professional success through the support of personalized professional development and practical, job-specific training.

By offering professional training in Automotive, Health Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Specialty Trades, Spa, and Cosmetology and Cooking, our students receive a comprehensive educational experience in enhanced learning environments under expert instructors’ guidance care about the success of our students. Lincoln schools and vocational programs are designed to provide students with marketable skills today and the knowledge that will allow them to grow and reach their full professional potential.

From convenient day, afternoon, and evening class schedules to our dedicated financial aid network, professional services, and admissions representatives, Lincoln College of Technology’s trade school network always plans for your future and graduation day.  Whether you’re a high school student or watching to start over with a new career, vocational training from Lincoln College of Technology can help you get there.

Getting Started With Career Services – Lincoln College Of Technology

Getting Started With Career Services - Lincoln College Of Technology

You have thought about your dream job, but you don’t know how to find it.  However, he may be close to graduating from high school, or he may be a workforce professional looking to change his career path. You are perhaps asking yourself many questions about the future of your career, and Lincoln understands them. As an institution dedicated to helping people develop careers deeply rooted in American history, our success is your success.

And that’s why Lincoln Professional Services Consultants are here to help you.

As a Lincoln Group of Schools student, you are not alone. Hundreds of students like you want rewarding careers that they can be proud of.

Moreover, it is where Career Services comes in. And also, our department is full of beneficial properties for students under the guidance of our guidance counselors. And also, from writing a resume to honing interviewing skills, we’re here to provide our career-focused, multi-part advice should you need it.

However, Your success is our success at Lincoln; let us show you how.

Scholarship Information – Lincoln College Of Technology

The Lincoln Group of Schools has been helping students make a difference in their futures since 1946 by providing skills-focused career training, a network of valued employer partners, and financial assistance for those who qualify. At Lincoln, we believe students who want to change their lives by investing in education deserve the opportunity to make it happen.

This year, Lincoln schools are making more than $14 million in trade school scholarships and grants available nationally for students to put training opportunities in reach as they pursue new careers.

Investing In Yourself – Lincoln College Of Technology

Investing In Yourself- Lincoln College Of Technology

Therefore, the value of your professional training is immeasurable.  And also, the desire to want a better career with a bright future is something many desire and nothing should stand in the way of these goals and aspirations.

At Lincoln, we understand that your education is an investment in your future. Since 1946, Lincoln has helped people like you transform their interests into careers and achieve the lifestyle they want.

Affordability should never be an issue when making the decision to go to school. That’s why Lincoln financial aid representatives know to help you find the best ways to finance your future.

However, Lincoln Financial Aid will work with you to create a financial aid plan that covers the cost of your education, including books and tools. This can consist of:

  • Federal and state grants
  • Student loans
  • Scholarships
  • Alternative financing
  • Payment plans
  • Or a combination of options

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