Apps to Make Studying History More Exciting

History is one of the courses that doesn’t attract many students. You can take help from technology and download the right application to overcome the monotony and boredom that you might experience while studying the subject and have some fun. Here are a few apps that can help you have a fun time while you are studying history.

History Timeline

If you like an app that emphasizes more on data than anything else, then History Timeline is the thing for you. The app puts almost all the important events in history in a scrollable timeline. You can perform different operations like Zooming In and Zooming Out so that you can view more information and tap individual entries to get more information about them. The app itself is connected with Wikipedia links so that you can read further on. You can find different options to mark your favorite articles and filter the timeline by age or the topics you want. There is a useful and custom filter feature that can help you configure specific periods and get straight to whenever you need to.

The History of Everything

The app is free to use and has a modern and sleek interface to take you back in time. And get you up and close with almost all the historical events. You can scroll through the design where you can find a timeline-based design to browse across different eras and events in history and learn about them. The app covers a wide range of different topics from different eras including the Dinosaur Age, the Big Bang, the World Wars and many other important events that changed the world we live in. You can tap in different entries individually and read further about them. You can also revisit your favorite posts by adding them to your Favorites list.

History Skills on Google Assistant

If you think that the above-mentioned apps are too much for you to work with, you can add History Skills on Google Assistant as something that you can start with. You will many experience services that can help you take history quizzes. And also, the events that happened on a particular day or go through a fact related to some random event, personality, day or a prominent historic fact that you should know about. You will need your Google Assistant to launch the app.

Google Arts and Culture

The app is good for people who want to learn more about famous artists. The app gets you illustrated stories. And popular tales behind the famous pieces of art and cultural accomplishment from world history. You can also explore a wide range of topics that you can read about and visualize different masterpieces. There is also a tab called Nearby where you can educate yourself on different aspects of cultural history and art. For Android users, you can experience the app’s VR interface using a dedicated app called Daydream.

Historical Calendar

Historical Calendar tells you the events that occurred on a particular day. These include both ancient and modern-day events in chronological order. The app shows different events by default from the current date. Also, you can switch dates manually if you want to. The app also gives you the ability to search for keywords to locate a specific moment or event as well. There are separate sections like deaths, births, holidays and many others to make the navigation even easier. To find out what else is included in the app, you can download the app using Xfinity Internet service. The Xfinity internet prices that make your history lessons more affordable and exciting.

Civilisations AR

BBC brings to you its massive collection to life for people who want to learn History via Civilisation AR. The app is capable to superimpose artifacts from ancient times and allows you to inspect and investigate their details. This way you can get a better understanding of how they came into existence. Apart from that, you have the app’s photo mode so that you can snap a picture of yourself with the artifact or the object and share it with your friends.

World War One – WW1 for Kids

The app gets users with a narrative experience of World War 1. The app has both written and narrated methods to teach students about the war. And has some amazing animations that make the learning process more descriptive. Using the app you can learn about the origins of the war, life and whereabouts of soldiers in the trenches. And also, the weapons that used in the war, the major battles and conflicts that took place in the Air and at Sea. As a whole, the app is very comprehensive, interactive and helps you learn about one of the greatest wars in human and world history.

Key Takeaways

Using apps to teach children makes the learning process more exciting and more interactive as well. History might become a frustration for some people but using one of the apps in the classroom will be able to get the attention of the students towards an important aspect of human life where they learn about their origins and the events that led to the creation of the present-day society.

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