10 Benefits of Demand Side Platforms

Today’s market is complex, which means you need to be at the top-notch of your game with your marketing and advertising campaigns. A demand side platform (DSP) is designed to help advertisers manage their campaigns. By controlling a DSP, you can delegate your campaign to a specialist who will work tirelessly to ensure the best performance possible.

A DSP makes the job of the advertisers, agencies, and ad networks easier. By taking control of your campaign with a DSP, you will realize its significant benefits.

Here are ten reasons why DSP is becoming so important in today’s market.

Targeted Traffic

In B2B advertising, you should strive to obtain high-quality daily targeted traffic by using demand-side platforms. If you aren’t familiar with what DSPs are, don’t worry about it right now. Just think of them as places where your advertisements get displayed to consumers instead of publishers.

Sales Volume

The key to success in ad technology is getting your advertisement in front of as many eyes as possible. A demand-side platform aims to help marketers reach that audience by promising them access to real-time bid requests. This means that a demand side platform offers a large daily volume of bid requests from programmatic buyers and guaranteed ad placement if you’re willing to pay for it.

Daily ROI

Using a DSP, you’ll be able to gauge and improve your return on investment daily. For example, you can see if your ads are profitable and also track CPA and ROAS performance. Using DSPs enables you to analyze campaign data in real-time, so you can instantly change or remove unprofitable bids! By identifying poor-performing creatives before they even go live, DSPs can also prevent wasted ad spending.

Daily Leads

Today’s advertising market is all about measurable results. Advertisers are looking for ways to understand if they are effectively spending their money, and DSPs make it easier than ever to reach that by using technology to identify customers who are ready to buy right now. Plus, advertisers love programmatic buying because it allows them to adjust campaigns quickly in response to changing trends or even just popular demands from clients.

Brand Visibility

Nearly every major retailer on both sides of the pond uses DSPs to buy advertising space. It’s becoming increasingly important for media buyers and everyday consumers looking to cut through all that clutter with their wallets. The power lies in visibility! DSPs offer an unprecedented level of transparency into how inventory is priced and how many impressions are available at any given time.

Revenue Optimization

DSPs optimize auctions and focus on the most relevant audiences to increase daily revenue. A DSP can quickly change bids in response to numerous factors, including geographic location, customer profile, time, and more. That data will inform your budget allocations to maximize return-on-investment for your campaigns.

Product Feed Management

Even if you have an in-house team to update product feeds, managing products at scale takes time. In addition, there is a risk of having employees who aren’t experts in updating inventory and prices. With a demand-side platform, you can rely on data from your clients to update product feeds without human intervention or fallibility.

Inventory Updates

A DSP offers real-time bidding (RTB) and delivers new inventory data on an hourly basis. What does that mean for you? By using real-time bidding, you know your bids are as optimized as possible and maximized to their full potential. However, it is nearly impossible to adjust once they have been sent, which is why having new inventory data every hour allows you to track results more closely.

Reporting Completed Requests

If you use DSPs to manage your ad inventory, they’ll provide you with daily reporting. This is a handy feature of an ad platform because it gives you detailed information about which ads are performing best at what times to optimize future campaigns accordingly. A daily snapshot of how your ads are performing is invaluable when working to increase ROI.

Account Executive Coverage

Handling every type of campaign in your agency is no easy task. Fortunately, a DSP is built for automation. They do most of the heavy lifting when targeting audiences, deciding when to run ads, and understanding what’s working or not working. So, you can focus on getting results instead of monitoring everything yourself.

Final Thoughts

Demand-side platforms can add tremendous value to your campaign. Rather than relying on cookie-cutter creatives, DSPs allow you to be more targeted and create a tailored experience for each user. Your campaigns will work better, leading to desired results over time and ultimately higher profits. Advertisers, agencies, and ad networks need to come together for the benefit of all. Today’s marketplace is complex, and demand-side platform providers are filling the needs of their customers.

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